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Thread: Dell laptop 1545 touchpad scroll not working

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    Dell laptop 1545 touchpad scroll not working

    I have a Dell inspiron laptop which is installed with windows 7. It was working perfectly Until recently, the scroll function of the touchpad is not working anymore. If you slide with your index finger on the touchpad moves down from the top down. As it should work normally to scroll the page. Now does not work anymore. Can someone tell me how I can set it back? This function in my opinion has been disabled automatically.

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    Re: Dell laptop 1545 touchpad scroll not working

    Look in the service program for touchpad. this is located somewhere in the system tray near the clock. There you should be able to set if it is still activated, just restart disable, enable, restart, then it would actually work again. The point that you are looking for should be listed under "Virtual Scrolling" in the left tree menu, and optionally the Sub-items.

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    Re: Dell laptop 1545 touchpad scroll not working

    You can find the settings for the touchpad in XP Control Panel then select the Mouse Option, there click the device settings tab and then usually there's still a button "Settings" or in spirit. You will find the drivers here try to get the drivers removed from the system and then reinstall it again. So if you are trying the above the "Settings" then i would recommend you to download the drivers from the official dell website.

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    Re: Dell laptop 1545 touchpad scroll not working

    Just did a fresh install on Dell E6410 BC13. For some reason the touchpad scroll function (when you put your finger on the right side of the pad can move) is not working. I have read that there is a new way of how X handles settings for this, but I never had to do any special settings for this work in earlier versions of Fedora or other Dell laptops.

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    Re: Dell laptop 1545 touchpad scroll not working

    I think that problem could be due to the default mouse settings. Go to the Control Panel Then click System and choose Preferences here select Mouse and then click the TouchPad tab. All settings are located there. Try to adjust the settings and then recheck the same it should start working if it still does not work then according to me its a hardware failure. Try to contact the dell customer support to fix the issue.

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