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Thread: Dell Vostro 3700 problem

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    Dell Vostro 3700 problem

    I purchased Vostro 3700 laptop which seems very good while I took it out of the box extremely satisfied, went to boot it up. No go motherboard dead got in touch with tech below my next business day warranty some days later she arrived replaced motherboard with a renovated board not a fresh one. Few days went my Bluetooth dead; technical person came around replaced Bluetooth. Few days later speakers died and again technical person came and replaced speakers, after that I had a good run of a week and the keyboard died. Likewise the whole part of PC died. I had a gutful of the Vostro therefore I inquire for a replacement got a brand novel Vostro 3700 with an upgrade thrown in ever since. I have not been able to make use of the Dell site as it will not be familiar with my service mark number the fan approaches on all the time and it gets pretty hot and the DVD player is unpredictable opening on its own sometimes.

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    Re: Dell Vostro 3700 problem

    Are you utilizing the Service Tag number establishing on the label on the base of the Vostro? If you are and it is not documented, you can discover the Service Tag number by restarting the Vostro and simply pressing F2 while the Dell logo is on the display to enter the BIOS Setup. The Service Tag number should be exposed in the BIOS. Attempt to utilize that one. Never provide your Service Tag in your post. That is an infringement of the Terms of Service of the Dell. By the way, every dell replacement motherboards are tagged as renovated. Simply a classification used to assign parts not initially setup in a system. Hope this information is assists you.

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    Re: Dell Vostro 3700 problem

    I have the similar issue and I would never shown my Service Tag number, the just number I have been utilizing is the Service Tag number on the base of the laptop the whole thing worked well concerning the Service Tag number with the old laptop it is only the novel one that is giving me nothing. Attempted to discover the number doing what you said the just number was the Hard disk drive number, regarding the renovated mother board. I will not at all know will I, I will just have to get your word for it. I have forever utilized Dell but this most recent venture with them has told me that the product and the service is not equivalent to it used to be, and which is a disgrace. I am a business proprietor and I am not the just one who has observed dissimilarity with Dell. It is only the aggravation I guess wanting something to work while it is required. In regard to the classification is it any speculate that a client would think the nastiest seeing renovated on the label.

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    Re: Dell Vostro 3700 problem

    The primary time I received a Dell substitute part labeled renovated; it gave me dismay as well. A client who newly ordered a DVD burner for a 540s Dimension from Dell was evenly distress with the unit being labeled as renovated. I think it is a warning to avoid troubles which could occur in those cases where just a truly renovated part was on hand. In the BIOS of the majority Dell laptops, the Service Tag is establish below System and is labeled System Information. That is where it is situated in the BIOS of the XPS M140 laptop which I am presently working on. I have a number of customers who have acquired Vostro 3700 series laptops. Thus far, none have reported any troubles. If they do, they won't make contact with Dell. They will contact me and expect me to resolve them. I genuinely hope your trouble is not analytic of a design flaw for instance the well documented troubles which have plagued other makers models such as the HP dv6000 and dv9000 models.

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