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Thread: M-67 3D mobile phone from Spice

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    M-67 3D mobile phone from Spice

    I have been thinking of getting new mobile phone for myself but i am little confused which to go for. Recently i heard about the 3D mobile from some of the mobile manufacturer and i am thinking of get one of the 3D phone for myself that should have the advanced featured and if it will dual sim then it will be great. Some of my friends have suggested me one of the 3D phone from spice but i haven't gone through its features, so if anyone can help me in selecting the phone by providing some of the 3D phone that i can have with phone from spice.

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    Re: M-67 3D mobile phone from Spice

    Your friend is right spice have recently launched a 3D phone which has got great features which should be there in advanced phone such as:
    Basic features in M-67 3D spice are
    • It has got 3D Display and Auto stereoscopic Display
    • It provide you with 3D Video Player with 3D Image Viewer and best thing it has 3D User Interface.
    • When consider its memory it is 16 GB Expandable using SD card.
    • Another best thing it has is Remote wipe using which you can control your phone remotely.
    • It has FM Radio and a great MP3 Player with great sound.
    • Other than this it is a dual sim phone in which you can have two GSM sims.

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    Re: M-67 3D mobile phone from Spice

    Other than above mentioned option you can have some more option when you are looking for the 3D phones. Zen S30 is newest dual sim mobile (GSM+GSM) which provide you with 3D display screen that is based on 3D-Stereoscopic technology and in cheap price. Zen 3D Mobile will surely battle with newly launched Spice 3D mobile phone. It is somewhat like spice phone but has got some more features when both are compared but lack in camera comparison as it has only 1.3MP compare to 2Mp in M-67 3D spice phone.

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    Re: M-67 3D mobile phone from Spice

    When be compare the technical specification of both the phones then i think spices will be the better choice as it is quite famous phone compare to Zen phone. Spice has Dual Stereo Speakers and you can connect it as Modem and it comes with stereo Bluetooth. But spice wins with two advanced features which are not there in Zen S30 that are Remote wipe and the 2 MP camera. When you see the best features of Zen it has 1.3 Megapixel Camera with Digital Zoom and 2.4” inch Bright TFT LCD Screen which in comparison with spice is not that good. So I suggest to go for spice m-67 phone.

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