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Thread: A pair of earphones under Rs5000

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    A pair of earphones under Rs5000

    I am a music lover so every time I carry either iPod or N8 along with me when going outside. As you know you can only hear through ipod using an earphone only. I am currently using Sennheiser CX300-II earphone which outputs good quality sound and this also capable for connecting it my N8. Now I am looking forward for a new earphone with high quality digital sound and also a balanced sound. The maximum budget for earphone is 5k. So I am asking you are there any such kind of earphone which will also supports both the ipod and N8. I am not looking for headphones so don’t provide me choice of headphones. The earphone must sound good over than my old one. So any such models exist?

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    Re: A pair of earphones under Rs5000

    I think that the Brainwavz M3 is the best earphone for you. It is quite different and irritating that some will get fixed an earphone in their ears. But this M3 will be going to fix well and comfortably. It is designed with some high quality silver cable. You will get one year warranty with this. The Accessories includes S/M/L Foam tips, S/M/L Silicone tips, shirt clip and over the ear gliders
    • Driver units ------10.7mm (CCAW Drive units)
    • Frequency ------- 20-20,000Hz
    • Maximum Input power ------- 40mW
    • Plug size ------- 3.5mm 5? 24Kgilt stereo plug
    • Cord length ------- 1.3M Y-cord (Cu/Ag) PUR

    Retail price: $89.50 and Preorder price: $79.50

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    Re: A pair of earphones under Rs5000

    For a comfort and affordable price I urge you to go through Image S4 earphone. With this you can now tune into your personal environment anytime and anywhere. This is a noise-isolating in-earphone distribute dynamic sound and incomparable comfort. The several features of this earphone are
    • It is very clear-cut and comfortable to wear long-term.
    • Better-quality noise-isolating device
    • Conveys soft sound with superior bass
    • Angled nozzle for suitable in-ear position
    • Long-lasting, fixed sprain relief
    • Colors--Sleek black or pristine white finish
    • Compatible with iPod, iPhone and other MP3 devices
    • Price range is within $80 to $100

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    Re: A pair of earphones under Rs5000

    There are many earphones in market or in online which are under $100. I can’t say which one is better but as far as i know the expensive earphones provide best quality sound than other. Several models are
    • Audeo PFE012 Perfect Bass Earphones---- PRICE: $89.00
    • Denon AHC560R In-Ear Headphones with Mic----- PRICE: $99.99
    • Monster Jamz Headphones----- $99.00
    • Sennheiser CX680 Adidas Ear-Canal Headphones with Volume Control---- PRICE: $89.95
    • Shure SE115 Black Ear Canal Headphones ----- PRICE: $99.00

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    Re: A pair of earphones under Rs5000

    The best Earphones are
    Ultimate Ears 700 Noise-Isolating Earphone
    • Custom-Tuned Dual-Armature Speaker
    • 3D sound signature
    • Sleek Design

    Ultimate Ears 100 Noise-Isolating Earphone
    • Available in Multiple Colors
    • Silicone Ear Cushions
    • Durable Sweat Resistant Design

    Ultimate Ears 600vi Noise-Isolating Headset
    • Music and Voice With On-Cord Controls
    • Single Top-Fire Armature Speakers
    • Over the Ear or down

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