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Thread: List your Nokia X6 bugs here

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    List your Nokia X6 bugs here

    I have recently purchased this and I like this handset but it is fair to speak we require a major firmware fix, list your errors here and let’s observe if anybody of importance reads it (I very much doubt it)
    1. Text messaging, ill because of having to empty the inbox or reboot to receive texts
    2. No landscape on home screen
    3. If I leave messaging open I obtain reverted back to standard Nokia ringtone until I close messaging
    4. Whilst only having a small number of applications it takes everlastingly to open the installed applications folder

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    Re: List your X6 bugs here

    Many of the users are reading this similar to firmware suggestions and error reports, so still hoping! I presently opened a topic for suggestion, so these two discussions are able to work jointly to obtain our phone to high levels! I believe that opening a conversation for every bug would create more perplexity, so the plan of a error topic is exceptionally good and make it simpler to check for experts who want to fix them).You can see the firmware suggestions on many of the site related to this topic. For the error harms, the only one I knowledgeable by now am the date modify which put backward the date of the phone every currently and then. They previously noticed it and said that they are functioning for a solution, so I wait to disappear in next firmware. As I said, it's the only one I experience by now, but if I listen to other ones, I will report here.

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    Re: List your X6 bugs here

    Truly peaking here, that regarding this I am not much more acquainted with if it is a bug or is intended. And in this When I put a photo as background, in the upper part of the screen the one which is along with clock, battery and date is still visible the unique wallpaper of the default theme, semi-transparent so that it is quite hard to see, but is absolutely there.

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    Re: List your X6 bugs here

    The error whichever I have faced till now in this I mean in my Nokia X6.
    -Upper and lower part of phone screen becomes insensitive frequently.
    -Phone crashes and starts again and again at the time of watching flash videos.
    -In this I am not able to load home screen after wake-up alarm has gone off.
    -Date and Time settings are misplaced often.
    -Games preloaded into phone come into view within the Installed Applications folder in its place of the Games folder.
    -choices, Back and Zoom buttons NOT working when viewing photos in Gallery.

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    Re: List your X6 bugs here

    I originated some more little error in SMS writing. Here are the steps to observe it yourself.
    - Open the editor for a fresh message along with the alphanumeric keypad in portrait mode
    - Place the phone horizontal to right to use the automatic QWERTY keyboard on landscape mode
    - Go to the symbol layer
    - Go reverse to the portrait mode: the alphanumeric is gone and there are only the numbers
    It appears not to keep in mind that it was on alphanumeric after going back to portrait while on symbol layer. Furthermore, if I switch to alphanumeric mode by utilizing the choice menu, the T9 is disabled and has to be activating again. In its place, if the SMS editor is closed just later than putting back to portrait, and then opened again, the alphanumeric comes back (though without T9 active).

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