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Thread: How to connect N8 with Bluetooth keyboard and mouse

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    How to connect N8 with Bluetooth keyboard and mouse

    Hey recently I had a nokia series mobile it is N8 I buy it recently I don’t know very much about its features even I heard that we can connect N8 with Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. So please tell me what I have to do to connect to Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Along with you can tell me any other features of it……..

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    Re: How to connect N8 with Bluetooth keyboard and mouse

    N8 has a capability to connect Bluetooth Input Devices to the Phone plus work with it. It is as easy as connecting a Bluetooth Headset, enter Bluetooth Menu, search for input devices, choose, enter the 4-digit-code, done. Once the Mouse is connected, there is a little Mouse Pointer visible, and there you go. You be able to even utilize the right mouse button to go back to Home Screen, even scrolling is possible. Connect your N8 to a TV, couple it with your Keyboard and Mouse, and answer your mails right from the big Screen.

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    Re: How to connect N8 with Bluetooth keyboard and mouse

    hey even I have required this on my smartphone since 2007 and when I at last had the N8 in my hands, hooking it up through HDMI plus connecting a bluetooth mouse and keyboard was the first thing that I did. At the start I glance the capability to connect a bluetooth and mouse appears like something you would not utilize very frequently. However, over the last few days of sightseeing around Edinburgh, I have found the N8 plugged in to the television more often than not to see how the day is photos and videos had gone. In such a situation, a bluetooth mouse would mean than you do not have to sit bang next to the TV be able to control the phone from a distance and enjoy the media with simplicity. Also great if you use the N8 as a portable HD player with its HDMI out in addition to Dolby 5.1 sound.

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    Re: How to connect N8 with Bluetooth keyboard and mouse

    Not confident that this will help out you but I have a keyboard mouse combo and merely connect both devices individually. The trick with the mouse is that you require to know what pass code to use. With the keyboard you be able to select your own pass code on the phone "pqrs" as well as re-enter this code on the keyboard. But with the mouse, you not able to enter a code, so the mouse will come with a pre-set code. My reason for being on here is that my mouse will connect and I be able to see a point moving round my N8, but I not able to seem to 'click' with it. Strangely enough I can scroll, which in turn highlights each button on whichever page I am on, but I cannot click on any of them. Any help would be much appreciated from anyone reading this!

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