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Thread: Contacts disappear from gmail

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    Contacts disappear from gmail

    Hello everyone I have been facing a problem in accessing my mail account. I will tell you what actually happened today morning , when I signed in my gmail account after entering my credentials , I access my gmail account from my Blackberry phone and it has tour int in which I ad my contacts. When I signed in I noticed that all the contacts stored in it were there , I do not what went wrong . Does any one know how to handle all Gmail stuffs through the Blackberry phone ?

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    Re: Contacts disappear from gmail

    I had the same problem you are facing right now. I too have have more than 900 contacts stored in my outlook, When I open the Gmail through my desktop pc I see all the contacts and everything seems fine. I tried all the possible ways , reset the default settings and connect through the desktop manager, but nothing helped. One more Issue I have been facing, Whenever I add new contacts to my list, old the old contact entries I have in the contact list will change automatically the Desktop manager is not able to sync the BlackBerry phone. I have diagnosed the issue but the solution is to be found yet.
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    Re: Contacts disappear from gmail

    I had the exactly the same issue you two have been facing , I tried a few steps, after a while I found the solution for this issue Please follow the instructions which I direct you : Make sure that the data in the contact list is not wrong , it may include the name, contact number, mailing address etc. Connect your phone with a system via USB port , then open the Desktop manager, go to back up and select Advanced after choosing Restore. Search for Clear Button after going to the right side of the window pane and scrolling a bit. This will clear all the entries from the system and you can sync the Blackberry phone as you do normally.

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    Re: Contacts disappear from gmail

    I do not understand why you people think to Sync a BlackBerry phone is not that easy and it is time consuming as well, in most of the cases it takes at least 4 hours of time, or if you are lucky enough you will get it in 2 hours , but the issue is not to sync but to wait, most of the people do not have that much patience to wait. I can tell you why you could not restore the contacts you had in your list. If you connect the phone with a wireless system you will see the contact system is still enabled, and even the wireless is enabled as well which should not be, and the E Mail Sync which you should delete will be still there in your list.You will have to delete all the database entries and make necessary changes and see if you can add new contacts to your contact list.

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