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Thread: How to Fix Brightness Problem on HP 6735S

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    How to Fix Brightness Problem on HP 6735S

    Hi, at what time I install Windows 7 in Compaq CQ40-641, I am unable to regulate brightness of LCD Screen, unable to control the brightness in keyboard, as well as how I will adjust the brightness. ? I am familiar with that by going on the way to the control panel / open Power option and go to bottom of screen, and adjust screen brightness control. That’s cool by means of control panel however it’s not working by means of keyboard. Thank you any suggestion regarding to this trouble.

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    Re: How to Fix Brightness Problem on HP 6735S

    As per my knowledge HP 6735s laptop brightness has regulating trouble. As well as it happen subsequent to install Windows XP Pro on it. Several people assumed that they success on the way to install as well as all work fine, however at what time they try on the way to hit Fn + F7 or Fn + F8 to regulate the brightness, their HP 6735s did not act nothing. They are unable to do anything for the reason that pressing Fn + F7 or Fn + F8 is the only way to regulate brightness. At what time experience this trouble, most of them is suppose that it is caused of bug on Windows xp service pack3.

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    Re: How to Fix Brightness Problem on HP 6735S

    Regulate brightness on HP 6735s laptop is not presently nothing, however it will decrease your comfort on the way to make use of if you cannot handle it fine. As a result what should you do at the same time as assemble this regulate brightness trouble on your laptop HP 6735s.Basically installing operating system by means of the newest one, your new operating system require to be familiar with all devices built in the computer. Just the once the system cannot understand an old driver, it desires on the way to read the newest device driver support. As a result in this regulate brightness trouble on HP 6735s you be able to fix it by updating graphic driver as well as the quick launch driver. These each and every one drivers you be able to
    download from the HP website , as well as then following general steps.

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    Re: How to Fix Brightness Problem on HP 6735S

    I too have this similar trouble at what time upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7. The brightness control would flicker from 0% on the way to 100% however no real change in brightness.The fix to this trouble is to install the newestBIOS updates from the HP website. On one occasion I had completed this the Brightness worked entirely. Hope this assist somebody.

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    Re: How to Fix Brightness Problem on HP 6735S

    I have the similar difficulty no backlight. I have tried updating the bios with no joy (couldnt get the flash to run) .The brightness control on my windows 7 can not be altered for any reason. When I attempt on the way to change it just stays at low?What bios update do I require on the way to fix this?
    Thank in advance for any suggestion.

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    Re: How to Fix Brightness Problem on HP 6735S

    1.Download sp45713.exe (I couldnt get WMI to work, so this was the only one witch worked)
    2. Extract files
    3. Burn ROM.iso to DVD or CD (bootable usb sticks didnt work for some reason)
    4. Restart computer whit CD or DVD inside
    5. Update bios, and enjoy the show.
    NOTE2: After update my computer didnt turned on first 3 times. Dont panic.
    6. Brightness works perfectly now. (If it dosent, you probably forgot to install Quick Launch Buttons, HP 3D Drive quard and ATI video driver and control panel)

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