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Thread: Battery not charging by charger in MACBOOK.

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    Battery not charging by charger in MACBOOK.

    I have MACBOOK with Intel core 2 Duo but it’s out of Warranty. This MACBOOK work nice but it has problem with the Battery charging. I have RAM 2GB, hard drive 200GB the processor of Intel. Its battery is giving me some problem that it can’t charge normally. When I plug the adaptor it automatically discharged and after this it refuses for the charging. I thought my battery is OK but don’t know why it is happening with this me. Battery information: Manufacturer: DP, Device name: ASMB013, Pack Lot Code: 0001, PCB Lot Code: 0000. Health information: Cycle count: 818, Condition: Normal, Battery Installed: Yes, Amperage (mA): 0, Voltage (mV): 9319. This is the information that I have so I gave you. If you have any information about this please help me out. I can’t charge my MACBOOK so please share with me some information.

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    Re: Battery not charging by charger in MACBOOK.

    After showing your battery information I can say that your battery cycle count 818 is most relevant but it’s very high count of total charge cycle. It simply means that your battery is used up but able to charge any more. So if you want to solve this just repair your battery charger or change with new one. Try this solution this might help you and you may able to charge your MACBOOK.

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    Re: Battery not charging by charger in MACBOOK.

    Just plug your charger into the MACBOOOK after turning off the machine. If it still not works then remove your battery and try it on other same MACBOOK if you find similar MACBOOK. This problem might get occur if your charger is not connected properly with the MACBOOK or it might get damaged from internally. So it means just replace your battery and try it again. This is the only solution I can say to satisfy.

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    Re: Battery not charging by charger in MACBOOK.

    PMU microchip is similar component like it includes firmware and software, memory as well as analog to digital converts’ voltage of main battery source of the computer. This is the only device which remain active after system completely shut down and can powered by backup battery. Try to reset the PMU by holding power button if it work then your computer will work perfectly means you can charge your battery as my idea. After trying this you might get face your problem on your own.

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    Re: Battery not charging by charger in MACBOOK.

    ---- You can’t charge your battery if you have battery charger with damaged condition means it has some internal sort due to some reason. First check your battery in other MACBOOK if it not work there than just throw it and buy new one from the market. This might happen if your MACBOOK has a slot with some damaged which not allow you to charge from charger. So as per concern try this solution which automatically fulfills your requirement.

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