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Thread: Kingston 16GB pen drive is write protected.

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    Kingston 16GB pen drive is write protected.

    I have 16GB pen drive of KINGSTON Company. I have motherboard of Gigabyte, processor of Intel @2.6GHz. It work fine but some days ago when I try it to transfer the data it won’t allow me to do this task. When I attached this pen drive to the computer some message is display by the system. One small window appears and displays one message that says “pen drive is write protected”. I tried so much but it not happen so please anybody has solution for this please give me I am very much in stress.

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    Re: Kingston 16GB pen drive is write protected.

    This kind of error display if your pen drive is affected by any virus. You just scan your pen drive with any new anti virus which is updated newly. Then try to format your pen drive in safe mode if you still get this message then just open your command prompt and write “ Format X:” and just replace your pen drive name to X and then format it. Try this solution will help you out and you will able to transfer data easily.

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    Re: Kingston 16GB pen drive is write protected.

    You can remove this error by simply doing small task by following some step. You can’t format your drive because your system is allow you to do this task due to some virus.
    To remove this error (1--) Open Registry editor by typing “regedit” in Run command
    (2--)Then write HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies and note that if you can’t find StorageDevicePolicies then you have to create it first,
    (3--)After that just click on key write protected and set the value to 0, then exit the registry and restart your computer and reconnect your USB.
    Just follow this step will you help you out.

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    Re: Kingston 16GB pen drive is write protected.

    To remove this error just find the small switch on the drive or memory card and turn off the protection. If you have not noticed any small drive switch this may cause this error mostly. You can remove this problem by simply using Low Level format tool; this is the tool which resolves your problem. This may happen sometime due to some virus so just scan your drive by updated anti virus.
    If above any solution will not help you then just replace your pen drive because your pen drive is might get corrupted. Try this solution as per my concern you might satisfy.

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