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Thread: Review on Apple Magic Trackpad

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    Review on Apple Magic Trackpad

    I like to collect the information of computer device, new laptop, technologies etc. I like to know about Apple Magic Trackpad which combines both a touchpad and mouse buttons. Apple Magic Trackpad is more familiar than the traditional mouse. I haven't an more idea about this apple product. I also have a Apple laptop so can i use this Apple Magic Trackpad with my Apple laptop? So if there is a anyone who know about this Apple Magic Trackpad then please reply me as soon as possible.
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    Re: Review on Apple Magic Trackpad

    Apple introduce Magic Trackpad for them user and it is an interesting device. Apple wants to replace their typical mouse on the desktop with Apple Magic Trackpad by them user. This trackpad specially designed for desktop user. Apple Magic Trackpad is small in a size and it just measures ~5.2" (long) x ~5.1" (wide). There is a no any right click option on Apple Magic Trackpad. You can use Apple Magic Trackpad with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

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    Re: Review on Apple Magic Trackpad

    New Apple USB Multi-Touch "Magic Trackpad," which is an all new input peripheral from Apple that's designed to bring some of the new feature to the user. Before it launched Multi-Touch has been reserved largely for touch panels and notebooks but now new trackpad enables those same gestures to be translated onto the desktop. You also can use this trackpad in place of a mouse on a laptop.

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    Re: Review on Apple Magic Trackpad

    Without a use of mouse now you can Inertial scrolling, multi-finger gestures, swiping, pinching, zooming and scrolling on your Mac desktop. Apple Magic Trackpad is a first Multi-Touch trackpad designed to work or use with Mac desktop computer. You can feel same as while you work on the MacBook Pro. It gives you a new way to control and interact with your screen. Scrolling with Apple Magic Trackpad makes moving up and down a page more natural than ever.

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    Re: Review on Apple Magic Trackpad

    You have a Apple laptop and if you want to use pple Magic Trackpad with your Apple laptop then there is a some requirement you need to use it with your Apple laptop. Some of the system requirement are as follows:-

    System Requirements:-

    • Bluetooth-enabled Mac computer
    • Two AA batteries (included)
    • Mac OS X Snow Leopard v10.6.4 and latest software update

    Magic Trackpad connects to your Mac via Bluetooth wireless technology. If you have Bluetooth unable device or Bluetooth wireless technology in your system then you can connect it directly to your system. There is no any other connection required.

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