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Thread: Data Usage on the HTC Desire

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    Data Usage on the HTC Desire

    I have the HTC Desire for me. Now the only thing with this is that I do not know what the data usage of the phone is. Well let me explain you the scenario. I actually wanted to have the unlimited internet use but then I was advised to have 500mb per month plan and that will cost me somewhat around 50p per mb if the limit is crossed. Now I want to know what can be done so that I can know about the same excess usage of the internet. I want to know how I can know if I have crossed the limit. Well I have decided that I will not cross the limit but I want to know in what manner I can know if I am crossing the limit. Please suggest me the solutions guys. I am waiting here for the solution.

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    Re: Data Usage on the HTC Desire

    Well I want to tell you that there is a sure way for this, but I just want to know what is the SIM card that you have in your HTC Desire. Well I have seen that there are some ways by which the company of the SIM card that you all have provide you all with the information of your data usage and hence I think that if that company is better one than they will let you know about the same. I have seen the cases with the MTNL in Mumbai and not with the HTC but I have seen that after the Internet is used then around after 20 minutes they let their customer know how much data they have used. Well let me know which SIM card you have in your HTC, and let us see if we can help you with the same.

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    Re: Data Usage on the HTC Desire

    Well in that case if the provider is not providing you the information then I will let you have an application that can help you with the same. From the market place just get this application downloaded: Stats by Sebastian Schuler. Well the internet of the company that I am using is not giving me this service and hence I have decided to use this application. Stats by Sebastian Schuler is the only program that I have seen is best so far and hence I think that going for the same will never ever disappoint you. It just gives you the usage immediately after you use the internet. Best of luck with the application, and let me know if that helped you.

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    Re: Data Usage on the HTC Desire

    Yes I would also suggest you to go with the Stats. This application was especially developed by Sebastian Schuler for the Android. Stats will help you in keeping the track of the numerous information regarding the Android phone. With this application in your hand you will be able to keep track of the information that is separated into calls as well as text messages. Also the feature of the same says that it can be used as different counters. The most interesting feature about it is that it will warn you if you will reach the usage limits and I think that I swath you want to have at the most priority. So I think that it will be the best option to go with. Hope that you will find the suggestion useful.

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    Re: Data Usage on the HTC Desire

    If you want to have a look for the other application rather than what is aid above then I think you should see the 3G Watchdog. It is a complete package and at the same time I am of the opinion that you want the same for you. It will monitor all your Mobile Internet (3G/Edge/GPRS) data usage and in addition to that will display the status icon in the notification bar telling you regarding the internet usage of yours. Well if you do not want to go with the Stats then I think it is the best option to go for. Also it has a better interface and hence I would prefer over the Stats. In the end I would say that it also gives the detailed report and hence I think it is far far better than this.

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