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Thread: Apple iPod touch: Can't synchronize with the Ford Microsoft Sync

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    Apple iPod touch: Can't synchronize with the Ford Microsoft Sync

    I have a problem regarding the synchronization on my iPod touch; I am using the 4G edition technology. I found the problem after the upgrade it. The device is not recognized by the computer after plugged in it by the USB. I tried it to connect by the voice command, but it says that there is no such device, I repeat the process but it gives me the same result again and again. While I tried to play the file from the play list, it hides some of the play tracks during the play of the sound tracks. While I did the upgrade of the device I eliminated all the variables of the device. I used Microsoft Sync for the synchronization of the device file, but it also not gives me such help to recover the data of the device. I tried the Apple Shuffle with the Microsoft synchronization, and it works but it happens only with the iPod touch. Any tics on this issue? Any other suggestion will be appreciated…

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    Re: Apple iPod touch: Can't synchronize with the Ford Microsoft Sync

    Install the iTune application on your computer with the desired process which will appear in the screen for the installation. Pick the device by browse the device from the iTune, after connect it with the computer. You can browse it by connect it with the USB cable, and then make sure that the USB cable is working well. If you are using the USB cable, then wait for a while, it might be take some time to detect the device. Click on the Information tab in the ITunes windows of the device. Go to the file that you want to synchronize suppose if you are going to synchronize the calendar of the ipod touch then go to the calendar and select the synchronization tool that you’re using for the synchronization. Under that you should select the file of the device for the synchronization, it will take few time according to the quantity of the file.

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    Re: Apple iPod touch: Can't synchronize with the Ford Microsoft Sync

    It is a very new technology which is comes with the ford vehicles for the synchronization with the iPod touch devices by the help of the Microsoft sync. This facility is featured in the car which will allow you to synchronize the file of the Ipod devices in a very easy way. For that you have connect the device with the player by the USB or anything else. After that you select the file list of the device which you want to play in ten speaker of the car player. The voice command is also works on this technique to select any particular track or the genre. The problem that you post in the thread is might be caused for the hardware of the player, say in the USB port. So check for the USB connectivity in your car player.

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    Re: Apple iPod touch: Can't synchronize with the Ford Microsoft Sync

    There is another solution with the SYNC computer, which having no power and the reboot option like the computer, if there is any problem found. It is the instead of the computer. You can connect it with the car; the tool is used for the synchronization of the music file from the devices like the ipod and the ipod touch. You have to connect the device by the USB in SYNC computer, and if there is any problem regarding the USB connectivity then this will not require for the get back the data if you make any trouble shoot in the computer. It simply works as the flash drive. You should also check the firmware of the device that you are using; it might be the cause of the problem. i am having this machine, it is very much working one, try with this one, it will not give you any problem on the synchronization.

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