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Thread: Micro DVI to HDTV-TV and Macbook Air displays problem

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    Micro DVI to HDTV-TV and Macbook Air displays problem

    I have the issuewith my Macbook air that is connected to a Toshiba 37C3030 via hdmi. If i switch the TV off and permit the mac mini to go away into sleep mode, when I switch back the TV back on and wake the macbook air, the screen remnants blank and does not wake up. The only solution at this phase is to either to restrict the power button and force my mac to shutdown . Please help. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Micro DVI to HDTV-TV and Macbook Air displays problem

    You need to try the Apple Mini-DVI to DVI adapter is planned for use by means of the iMac (Intel Core Duo), MacBook, and 12-inch PowerBook G4. Attach the adapter to the Mini-DVI port of the computer and the DVI end of the adapter to an external DVI monitor or projector. You can as fine it in combination with the not obligatory Apple DVI to ADC Adapter (obtainable separately) to attach your computer to an older show with an ADC connector. You can make use of this cable in both video mirroring and extensive desktop models.

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    Re: Micro DVI to HDTV-TV and Macbook Air displays problem

    You need to effectively link a MacBook to an outside monitor, the display have to moreover a VGA or DVI port. Check the reverse of the monitor you desire to connect to for a port alike to one of the two. These connections are the majority common for recent displays, particularly with flat-screen LCD displays. The monitor be supposed to come with an suitable VGA or DVI cable fond of already or included discretely. If the cable is not before now connected, attach the suitable one to the corresponding port on the monitor. MacBook air laptops have single of two external display connection ports -- a Mini-DVI port on older models, and a Mini-DisplayPort for new models. Apple put up for sale the adapters that plug into these ports and agree to you connect a VGA or DVI cable to the adapter. Fix the suitable adapter to the MacBook that will let your monitor cable to plug in as well.

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    Re: Micro DVI to HDTV-TV and Macbook Air displays problem

    If your external display has one more connection type---HDMI or Composite, for example---other adapters can be close to the mini-DVI or mini-DisplayPort to put up these cable types. These additional adapters may mortify quality or simply not purpose properly any more. After that Power on the laptop and press F7 or Fn + F7 (depending on your function-key settings) to allow external monitor mirroring. This will tell your laptop to throw out a signal to the external device, allowing the linked display to activate and work correctly. There is also a Display Options surroundings in the control panel that will permit you to tweak settings for the external display specifically. You need to change resolution and whether the external display acts as an extension of the internal laptop screen or as a mirrored display.

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    Re: Micro DVI to HDTV-TV and Macbook Air displays problem

    The standard Macbook has an Apple proprietary port called a mini-DVI for the reason of connecting monitors. unluckily not many monitors support this and an adapter is necessary. So to start hooking your Macbook to your TV you resolve first the mini-DVI to DVI adapter from Apple. At only $19 this handy piece of hardware will give you with the more standard full-size DVI connection. Begin by shutting down your Macbook and rotating the power of your television off. Once the Macbook is shut down, connect the adapter to the mini-DVI port on the side. This is the primary step toward watching your computer content on your television.

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    Re: Micro DVI to HDTV-TV and Macbook Air displays problem

    I have a DVI adapter, which efficiently transforms the Mini DisplayPort keen on a female DVI plug. It used in this configuration, the Video Display Converter become the equal of Apple’s $29 Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter, permit you to connect your new Mac up to Apple’s 20”/23” Cinema Displays, and additional DVI-equipped monitors. Videos outside of iTunes (say, with QuickTime) can be make the most to play on the full screen; using iTunes, we temporarily tried to get an iTunes Store HD video (Quantum of Solace) to display on the full screen of the observe and it would only play in a window, although a window of virtually any size we chosen, or on the MacBook Pro’s own display.

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