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Thread: Need dvi adapter for new macbook air

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    Need dvi adapter for new macbook air

    The MacBook Air continues the tradition of innovation by unveiling an Apple technology that still exist on any Mac: flash storage. Standard. The new MacBook Air is actually designed entirely around the flash storage. But in a totally redesigned. The flash storage is usually integrated into a box the size of a traditional hard drive. But the flash chips themselves occupy only a fraction of that space. Remove the housing by retaining only the important parts - the flash chips - frees up about 90% more space. So i want to dvi adapter for new macbook air. Any idea?

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    Re: Need dvi adapter for new macbook air

    As already mentioned several times, New iMac 27 " screen can be turned into luxury with its video input format mini-DisplayPort (Read: iMac and video input: some details). This will be a surprise to anyone, for the moment only the devices themselves equipped with an output format mini-DisplayPort (This is the case with all MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro) are compatible with this entry. Thus, even the adapters provided by Apple, including its Apple Mini-DVI to DVIWhich could for example allow to connect an old MacBook Pro or iMac to a PS3, do not use the iMac as a screen, probably because it is designed only to get the signal in one direction .

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    Re: Need dvi adapter for new macbook air

    Newly designed to match the sleek design of the MacBook Air, micro-DVI to DVI Adapter lets you connect a projector or external DVI monitor. It may also be associated with the DVI to ADC Adapter to support monitors or flat panel Apple Studio Cinema Display older. The micro-DVI to DVI Apple has been designed specifically to fit the sleek profile of MacBook Air. Connect it to the micro-DVI port of your MacBook Air and connect the DVI end of the adapter to an external DVI monitor or projector. You can use this cable in video mirroring mode or extended desktop.

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    Re: Need dvi adapter for new macbook air

    You travel regularly and your Apple notebook is your companion during these special trips. Even improved from generation to generation, the battery life is limited and extra batteries represent a significant cost. This pack trip is the perfect kit to charge your MacBook or MacBook Pro in all circumstances. With this 3 in 1 charger, you can now your laptop via an AC outlet, cigarette lighter or to board a plane. Simple and mobile and portable, this travel kit is a guarantee to use your MacBook in as many places. Finally, designed from Apple official elements, this kit proves to be of high quality. The solution for all backpackers waiting for.

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    Re: Need dvi adapter for new macbook air

    I amusing The Apple DVI to Video Adapter that was specially designed to allow users of Mac Pro (with an ATI X1900 XT), MacBook Pro, Mac mini and Power Mac G5 DVI port to connect to their computer equipment-S video or composite such as televisions, VCRs or overhead projectors with connectors S-Video or RCA (composite). This adapter is compatible with the DVI port on Mac Pro systems (equipped with an ATI X1900 XT), MacBook Pro, Mac mini and Power Mac G5 only. Use a DVI to VGA adapter to connect the VGA port of your Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, Mac mini or Power Mac G5 (included on every Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, Mac mini and Power Mac G5 or available for order form Individual kit).

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    Re: Need dvi adapter for new macbook air

    The DVI-I connectors include in addition to having the analog connection but for the digital DVI-I is sufficient. Incidentally, I have the same connector. It seems to me that I'm already used but I can assure him (I also have the mini DVI to VGA and I plug this one if there is no DVI. Like sometimes I've done, I hurry, I can not remember if I actually used the DVI but it seems to me). Plug in your adapter is like that of my picture? I do not see how it can connect with a male plug that has 4 small pins around the slot horizontal.

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