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Thread: MBA Mini display port to HDMI

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    MBA Mini display port to HDMI

    I am having MacBookAir laptop for all my use yesterday i want to connect my MacBookAir to the TV for that i newly i have purchased HDMI cable. But when i was connecting to the TV i get a blue flash screen. I have done the many settings as far i know. All this thing is new for me, If anyone know how can i get the display screen then please tell me. any suggestion will appreciate, Thanks in advance.

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    I think you should have to do some setting to see the screen on your television. After all the connection switch on both devices and then do some essential settings by going in to the system preferences then in display. At the end of the display window you can see an option named mirror display, put the check-mark in the box, front of it. And then click on apply and then close that window. I hope by doing this you can able to see the TV as your MacBookAir.

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    There can be several reasons on this issue on thing that your cable may have damaged or your Television resolution may not have same. If the screen resolution of your laptop and TV is not same then also this kind of blue screen comes. Check that both TV and laptop screen pixel resolution and aspect ratios are compatible. I think in Mac laptop there is no need to adjust the setting for screen, Mac does it automatically. Or else if necessary then go to the system preference and do the require settings.
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    In my point of view, your graphic card is unable to handle the output of the two different screens which are having different resolutions at a time. In my recommendation you should disable your laptop screen when you linked to the Television. By doing this it help you to fix your problem, If you are having any other query then please reply me.

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