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Thread: Why Mac Mini instead of iMac

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    Why Mac Mini instead of iMac

    It is not always easy to find the range of apple system you want to buy. There is always a fight between a laptop and a desktop Mac. And especially between an iMac and Mac mini. The Mac is more expensive than PCs. But there are some positive point for imax. The one common point which I must state is that it is easier to use than Windows. I want to know that what is recommend mac mini or imac. Also why Mac system are recommended even if we have cheaper alternatives available here. I found the security support in the same as one of the most appropriate reason for that.

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    Re: Why Mac Mini instead of iMac

    Macs are generally the same price and sometimes cheaper than PCs. You can compare them with other system which are equally configured. For example, the MacBook and the iMac are especially affordable in view of their standard equipment. The iMac has virtually has no competitors in the line of sale. If one takes into account both its equipment and its size really small. So it is quiet correct to say that a Mac system is not more expensive than other systems in the same line of branded system. Some of the mac systems are equipped with the same processors, disks and components which you find is regular systems. You can choose the model as your need. If you want a powerful desktop then Mac Mini is the proper choice for your while iMac is much higher version which is out now. You can also use Windows on Mac with the help of some software's that initiate the process. I will recommend you to for for the much newer models for your system. That means the iMac. It is portable and the system is entirely configured in the screen only. There can be various reason behind the choice for what you want. I found Mac Mini much more compatible for media center system and other task while iMac you can use for all your portable work like internet, office work, etc.

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    Re: Why Mac Mini instead of iMac

    One thing I want to highlight for this mac system which you are discussion is that there is a better game support on iMac. The Mac has always been a target for the most of the major games in the market. Some of games which I will recommend you is Unreal Tournament, Quake, Call of Duty, Starcraft, World of WarCraft, The Sims. etc. But there some games are indeed available for PC. In this case, the best solution is to install Windows on a separate partition and you can enjoy any PC game library. I also found that Mac accessories are more expensive. Here I will not advice you to pic among the too models but better choose which is the most latest one and also check what you are getting with the same. Mac uses the same standards as a normal computer like USB, FireWire, DVI, etc. So connection is not a issue here. In case printer if you want for iMac then there are appropriate drivers for the branded ones. In my view I will recommend to buy Mac Mini. This why because it is much more compatible and very small in size to keep. And if you are looking for a high resolution support and good performance in gaming the iMAc is the best choice I can tell you. Go for detailed configuration for better idea on both the systems. That will briefly describe the difference in components of the tool.

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    Re: Why Mac Mini instead of iMac

    The best part of using mac systems is that there are almost no viruses. A virus is a program that really disturb your computer system and this is most common in windows. You cannot run away from that. Anyhow there will be a infection in your system if use internet, or email, download file, usb, etc. Basically, there is no reason why the Mac is less affected than the other computer. if you want a portable product that then you can go for iMac. Imac is better and has newer updates in it. There are practically no viruses detected on Mac.The system of the Mac is indeed protected. As iMac is the most recent model you can use this one for your system. Mac Mini is an old model but still you can buy it new updates and operating system. On the other hand iMac may cost you a bit higher due to new advancement in the same. You will find a big glossy screen with high resolution support. The iMac is a unique case with Apple has always had problems with the screen cracking. This was very old issue which was widely noticed with iMac. There are also some defects which were from the manufacturers side. In Mini the system is very little and advance. It is simply easy to carry the same anywhere. I found this tool best for media center support. You can connect to your HDTV and stream your audio and video data from it. There are also many differences among the hardware of both model.

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    Re: Why Mac Mini instead of iMac

    I found some difference between Mac mini and iMac. This was especially related to the hard-drive of the system. There is a mini hard drive in both. The hard drive provides 5400RPM for Mac Mini and 7200RPM for iMac. I heard that in the new iMac model it is possible to get a SSD support for the system. That means you will get much better portable system with better hardware support. In my case I hesitated buy an iMac 24" with '3.06 ghz cpu support and 4GB of ram. But after using the same for some while I found this system very much effective and powerful. SSD models might cost a bit more in the same. If you found the system performance a bit lower then there is a point to get a replacement for the same. You can choose for a higher model with greater storage data. While in Mac Mini you will have to deal with the same traditional hardware but a very portable model. In Mac Mini it is very easy to swap a SSD drive in comparison to iMac. The other best thing about Mac Mini is the space taken by it for storage. A wide screen 27 inch is an awesome system with most recent updates. But I will not say that you cannot do heavy video editing or use 3D software in the same. iMac has a very wide glossy screen which gives a very nice look to the entire system. It is good for movies and gaming.

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