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Thread: Wall mounting for 2010 MacMini.

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    Wall mounting for 2010 MacMini.

    I am using Mac mini 2010 computer for office purpose. It is very fine and works very smooth and quick. Now I am searching for the wall mount for my mac mini. i have searched almost every where but unable to find wall mount for this. I think no companies are making wall mount for mac mini or yet they didn't made. Please can anybody will help me to get the right point for the desired solution. I also have a question for you is there anybody mounted from aluminum or metal sheet i have heard about this but didn't seen yet. Please suggest a proper answer in order to getting the answer. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Wall mounting for 2010 MacMini.

    I bought one of sscooter427 brackets about one week ago. Deliverance was quick and the product has as no faults that I can observe. It mounted very effortlessly to the wall and mechanism fantastic. I would be fond of to make a proposal although. I don't know the next model could have a spot designed for an exterior drive. Since the mini I have possess only 320 gb. I would run out of room very rapidly if I used it for my movies. So I have installed next to the wall a 2TB exterior drive also. I would propose the invention with no faltering. I think this will works for you.

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    Re: Wall mounting for 2010 MacMini.

    I truly did fab a mount about 2 days after posting this; I presently require tossing up a few pics. It was a 1st attempt so not all the ends were absolutely directly but it is very minimal. I have it system as a plex box, with a WD MyBook World II NAS above a double band AEBS and it flow all videos I've thrown at it with no a stammer. I think this will help you to get the desired solution.
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    Re: Wall mounting for 2010 MacMini.

    I would like to suggest you to go with the Hideit Mini Mount which is for the Mac mini 2010. The features and the description of the product is as follows:
    • It has a unique designed which allow proper ventilation to your Mac mini 2010.
    • It also allows an uncomplicated admission to the disc drive, power button and ports of the system.
    • It is designed in such a wat so that your Mac mini can slides out easily from the mount.
    • It also include: HIDEit Mini Mount; Mounting Screws and Drywall Anchors; Cord Ties; Velcro for protecting Power Adapter and Mac mini; Installation Instructions memo.

    Product explanation:If you have a Mac mini, you recognize the adaptability of this computer. If you are single of several who use a computer and the internet for major resource of entertainment so that you see the world of prospective by means of the Mac mini.

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    Re: Wall mounting for 2010 MacMini.

    The Mini mount for the all-aluminum Mac mini is similar to no other. By means of a diversity of eco-friendly fundamentals to form a strong mounting resolution, the Mini mount really handles on to your Mac mini. It's a steady, safe mount that can be use in almost at all application. I think this will be much beneficial for you problem and also it is great for:
    • Home entertainment centers.
    • Digital signage systems.
    • Kiosks
    • Institutional use.

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    Re: Wall mounting for 2010 MacMini.

    A Mac mini to handle your home automation and amusement? You should use the Hubbell’s polished Mac mini acrylic wall mount with optional backlight. You should use Hubbell as a home mechanization design and consult company, we were faced through the challenge of placing our control system a Mac mini in immediately as regards any site that the consumer necessary. The complexity was that there was regularly no suitable place on a desk shell and the Mac mini isn’t extremely steady when placed on its side. So, we came up with the propose of the Mini mount. Like the Mac mini, it’s a easy, stylish, yet very functional design that serves its main principle, to place the Mac mini on the wall and out of the way. Cost of this wall mount for Mac mini is starts at $49.99 for the usual unit and $69.99 with the backlight stuff. I think you should go with this product by Hubbell. This will be very useful.

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    Re: Wall mounting for 2010 MacMini.

    I have a wall mount for your Mac mini which is very useful for your system. It is called as H-Squared Mini Mount for Mac mini it has some great and cool features and is made with some good materials. It is very smooth and useful; the Mini Mount smoothly mounts your Mac mini on practically any vertical or horizontal facade as well as VESA-compliant mounts.
    • It has made with cast-acrylic structure
    • It has an ability of mounting on almost any surface.
    • It has very simple design which makes matching with any kind of facade.
    • Also it posses channels which have an ability to handle cable through this.

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