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Thread: Satio driver Issue with Windows 7 64-bit

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    Satio driver Issue with Windows 7 64-bit

    My uncle brought for me the new Sony Ericcson Satio mobile phone which is a goof phone. I am having the Windows 7 of 64 bit version installed in my computer and having the problem with the drivers error given by the computer whenever I connect my mobile phone with the computer then it gives an driver error that it cannot be recognized. So here I am looking for the proper solution to get my Satio mobile driver compatible with the Wndows 7 of 64 bit operating system.

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    Re: Satio driver Issue with Windows 7 64-bit

    I was having the same problem but it was the problem in my Windows Vista 32-bit. The Sony update drivers is always in the C drive of the program files in the sony ericsson in the folder of update there is the drivers folder where you will find the setup just try to run that setup and the 64 bit drivers is having lots of packages of drivers which may also get the Smartphone Drivers just try to get that and it will solve out your problem.

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    Re: Satio driver Issue with Windows 7 64-bit

    It seems that you have the problem with the drivers of Satio mobile driver which is not supported by the Windows 7 64 bit. then there is the possibility that you will be able to solve your problem by getting the driver package which comes with the Sony Ericsson Update Service Software (SEUS). That means you just need to update your drivers of the mobile phone as it will be not matching the version of your Windows operating system.

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    Re: Satio driver Issue with Windows 7 64-bit

    My friend was having the same issue with his Sony Satio mobile phone driver with his Windows 7 64 bit version but previously he was using the Windows 7 with 32-bit version on which he was able to connect his Satio mobile phone properly but when he upgraded his Windows version he has not done with the mobile version drivers update. So later on he just updated his driver of his mobile and install it on his computer and got fix with his problem.

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    Re: Satio driver Issue with Windows 7 64-bit

    You need the driver for the windows 7 for 64-bit version so you have to make the visit on the website of the Sony Ericsson and get in the section of the support where you will find the update section and there you have to choose your mobile model and then just go for the driver update for your mobile phone where you have to download the latest driver which will be compatible with your Windows 7 operating system.
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