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Thread: ipad cannot discover my keyboard

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    ipad cannot discover my keyboard

    I try to sync my wireless bluetooth keyboard to my ipad. It just display message searching but never get connected. My friend tole to hold the power on the keyboard till it blinks but even this did not solve my problem. does there is any way to connect my wireless mac bluetooth keyboard to my iPad? please help as soon as possible.

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    Re: ipad cannot discover my keyboard

    Just perform the following steps:
    1) Configure the iPad for bluettoth device discovery.
    2)OFF the keyboard and then switch it ON again.
    Now the iPad will discover the keyboard will display a five digit code. You need to enter this code using keyboard and pairing should be succeed. Hope this will help to solve your problem.

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    Re: ipad cannot discover my keyboard

    Thank you for the suggestion. I had tried the steps mentioned by you and it worked till the ipad listed the keyboard under devices and it just keep on searching and then displayed a message which says 'Not Paired'. then keep searching again for few minutes. I did not got any five digit number. I did not understand why it did not pair? can you provide some more information to this?

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    Re: ipad cannot discover my keyboard

    When a wireless keyboard is connected to your iPad or some another wireless keyboard paired with your iPad you will see that your software keyboard doesn't visible when expected. This can be solved by tapping the eject key on the wireless keyboard. If this does not solve it then try unpairing the device by going to setting/general Bluetooth/forget this device. If even this not work try disabling bluetooth by going to setting/general/network/bluetooth.

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    Re: ipad cannot discover my keyboard

    Even I have the same problem. I see that wireless keyboard pairing with my macbook pro and I turn Bluetooth off and on the laptop and navigate the iPad in discovery mode and I turn the keyboard off and again turn it on. It found the keyboard and prompt me to type five number on the keyboard and inform to press Enter to pair it. After pressing enter it pair both the devices and Now it is working fine.

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