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Thread: Moto Droid X vs HTC Evo 4g

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    Moto Droid X vs HTC Evo 4g

    You like Motorola? Well I propose about the characteristics of Motorola Droid X. But already , a detail : it is surely a good and great response that sending Motorola to the HTC EVO 4G with his Droid X running Android 2.1, . At HTC Evo 4g is also also a good purpose. A few weeks ago , the president of Verizon Wireless highlighted the stockouts related to the model Android HTC Incredible Very requested in its range Droid. Compare Moto Droid X vs HTC Evo 4g.

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    Re: Moto Droid X vs HTC Evo 4g

    HTC EVO 4G has not finished talking to him. Yes and when you throw a glance its technical characteristics, One fully understands de- suite why . For indeed , this mobile phone running Android 2.1 promises to be a worthy competitor to the iPhone 4G and it may even him overshadow . Besides, if you do not believe me, then just watch the following video to be convinced. Fast, stylish, with an screen oversized 4.3 inch , the HTC EVO 4G is not without strengths. So yes , support for WiMAX will we be of no use for now, but it remains very attractive. In any case, I confess I am already under his spell . So good, so I 'm probably a slut , eh, but I assume myself completely.

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    Re: Moto Droid X vs HTC Evo 4g

    Smartphone beautiful look like the HTC HD2, which includes also most of the technical details, it works for its Android, version 2.1 codenamed Lightning in this case , not Windows Mobile , but found the overlay Unified HTC Sense. It consists of hand like it around a multi-touch screen WVGA a diagonal of not less than 4.3 inches. It embeds in turn processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 1 GHz , 512 MB RAM , 1 GB of ROM and a microSD slot that supports a memory card of up to 32 GB.

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    Re: Moto Droid X vs HTC Evo 4g

    HTC and the U.S. operator Sprint has just announced the HTC EVO 4G. 4G ? Yes , because it will work both on 3G network that WiMax network Sprint's in the USA. The advantage of WiMAX is such that you can use your smartphone as a USB 3G (ie , WiMAX , for once ) . As you can see below in the features, the HTC Evo has several advantages that can clearly do behind the iPhone. First, the Double APN , frontal and dorsal. Many have dreamed for the iPad , HTC has done . This could be a key point for geeks but, in fact, in terms of marketing . ( _H4mm3r_ I noted that the tripod will be used in a video conf, that I confirm I had not thought at all, but it's true it's very possible.

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    Re: Moto Droid X vs HTC Evo 4g

    The Droid 2 maintains the touch-sensitive navigation sensitive , but they are in a different order than the original Droid (plus the search button is at far right ) They are, however, in the same order as the Droid X. Regardless, if you come from another Android device , I 'm sure you're brain will remember the order of buttons in no time .

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    Re: Moto Droid X vs HTC Evo 4g

    Motorola uses a structure very similar to what they used on the Droid X. They made things small to Android has really come a long way in the general scheme of things. They are not using bike Blur, and I 'm happy. It is pretty cool and everything, and it's good things backup and synchronize your account Blur, but it's much better. You do not need this backup if you just Google anyway.

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