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Thread: Gateway P-7805u Hard Drive Temperatures

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    Gateway P-7805u Hard Drive Temperatures

    I have a Gateway P-7805u and my hard drive gets very hot , After that it can not be supported by my motherboard. In any case , it heats up much more than others, and soon after it bug , then I am obliged to remove the sata , boot the computer , turn off plug to make sure it works , otherwise , my computer freezes entirely. That I say something , I unplugged the sata , the remaining power supply is connected and I just realize that the disc is still hot? Please help.

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    Re: Gateway P-7805u Hard Drive Temperatures

    For your normal hard disk is that it heats according to the manufacturer that it is between 5 and 55 ° 60 ° max you so it's not too bad if you happened to keep you and 55 ° is OK. It normally . (Which is a first saw your case ), Otherwise , you can still be cool .
    for this :
    1 - do not stick your hard disk to another .
    2 - Fan cooled with a processor . They are much more efficient.

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    Re: Gateway P-7805u Hard Drive Temperatures

    You have a problem heating CPU. You can easily check in the bios. The temperature is indicated . You can also check by installing software but, as it will be based on the probe of the motherboard and CPU , the result should be the same . Then , after checking the rotation of the fan (is it the right way ? ) you can remove the fan from its power to clean and fins . This is quite fast (4 screws ) and that will do him good. If the heat persists , we must completely remove the fan and block and back with the special paste making sure it is well positioned.

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    Re: Gateway P-7805u Hard Drive Temperatures

    It is important to throw throw an occasional glance at the temperature of components computer. Indeed, it may happen that a fan is not Access powerful or that it is foul and it turned over to full power .Where a component ( processor, hard drive ) heater , this can cause crashes, recémarrages untimely or sudden stop of the computer .The temperatures of the hard drive must be less 50 degrees and 60-65 degrees for the CPU . To monitor the temperature of the hard disk, we use hddtemp , for the processor and motherboard SpeedFan . Program HWMonitor gathers this information into a single interface.

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    Re: Gateway P-7805u Hard Drive Temperatures

    The hard disk is a vital component of your computer. It contains all your data ( files and applications). Excessive temperature can damage or at least have an impact on the life of your hard drive . Hddtemp will not allow you to lower the temperature of your hard drive but at least the monitor. The hddtemp Download ( free) since the download area MemoClic. Once downloaded, run the installation by accepting the terms of use. You can start hddtemp , through your start menu - All programs - HDD temperature or simply the new icon on your desktop .

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    Re: Gateway P-7805u Hard Drive Temperatures

    Perhaps a change is needed cooler , maybe the cooler was not well poised, perhaps, that the probe motherboard madness. In any case it would bring the tower in an assembler , this kind of problem can be fatal. Otherwise he would try to raise the temperature with the other programs have a history record in the standards for inform, Try to make statements with real temp , HWMonitor , speed fan.

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