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Thread: Packard Bell screen problems

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    Packard Bell screen problems

    I am using a Packard Bell laptop model K5285. A few months after the purchase started giving me problems the screen goes black but if you looked at the following light-felt like I was not really off. When you get to move up and down (as close) the screen back to normal. With this I have been assembling in recent months, until last week from which I can no longer see the monitor in any way, and is not fully up to the light off because I like is on. Has anyone encountered the same problem? Does anyone tell me if I can I solve the problem?, It is not under warranty and costs a lot send me the service technician to fix it. Thanks in advance and best regards.

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    Re: Packard Bell screen problems

    It accounts not want to spend a single Euro in your "precious". I think I have the solution.! Just dismantle a "little," until you see three connecting cables between the screen and keyboard: red, yellow and green, red CUT and watch you do not see anything, but hey, at least you've spent some time busy.

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    Re: Packard Bell screen problems

    If I have not misunderstood, if you look at "candled" you see the screen but is highly obscured, if so it is the inverter, is a board that gives light to the screen. It is very easy to fix, is to remove the inverter, it takes a couple of connectors, is within the covers of the lcd, how difficult is to get it, do not know any store where you provide this type of piece, and not something generic but each model of each make is yours.

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    Re: Packard Bell screen problems

    Note that I do not want to spend a single best, what happens is that the service shop only charged me 120 euros for postage and handling charges, and with that I say what's wrong and I given the budget. Logically if I do not accept the budget Mangan 120. And of course if I am given a budget of 600 euros for the repair, I bought another. PACKARD BELL NO, of course.

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    Re: Packard Bell screen problems

    I have a little knowledge of the subject, and try to open it to do what you say. I managed to remove 40 screws, but to reach the area where the graphics card (by removing the last corner), there was something that allowed me to open it, not if it was pressure or what it was, but I could not keep throwing. Does anyone know of a manual for Packard Bell laptop open?

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