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Thread: Setting up HP Color Laserjet 3500 with Windows 7

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    Setting up HP Color Laserjet 3500 with Windows 7

    HP no longer supports this printer and there are no drivers for Windows 7 a couple of options , first you plug the printer directly and windows 7 is responsible for finding the necessary drivers. If it does not work, i can test the drivers provided for Windows Vista , but not working. Can anybody know that how to set up HP Color Laserjet 3500 with Windows 7. Please help. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Setting up HP ColorLaserjet 3500 with Windows 7

    The simplest solution is the following :
    1 - Connect the USB printer in Windows 7 64 bit , it is detected as a device not specified.
    2 - Click your right mouse button to go to " properties " , click " Hardware " and again " properties " . Click " change settings " in this new window.
    3 - In the window that appears, click "update driver " select " find a driver on my computer " then " choose from a list of device drivers on my computer. "
    4 - In the list that appears , select " Printers. "
    5 - In the Add Printer Wizard that appears , select the course and choose the HP model HP LaserJet 3500 PCL5 . Click " Next "and the driver is downloaded automatically. HP 1010 works perfectly with this driver (what HP is careful not to communicate , since we sell a maximum!).

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    Re: Setting up HP ColorLaserjet 3500 with Windows 7

    No full version software and drivers for Windows 7 is available for your device. However, the operating system Windows 7 installed on your computer contains a basic solution for drivers for your product . With this pilot basis , it is possible that some of the advanced features of the device are not available. If your product has a memory card slot , you can print from a software and import and view images on a memory card . With this pilot basis , the buttons on the device does not work and some advanced features are not available.

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    Re: Setting up HP ColorLaserjet 3500 with Windows 7

    Windows 7 provides a series of pilot basic scanning , also called drivers Windows Image Acquisition (WIA Windows Image Acquisition ) , you can use as an alternative to scan a document when you can not do with Using the HP drivers . You may want to use these drivers scan for the following reasons :
    # Your device is released before Windows 7 and HP has made available no drivers compatible with the scanning feature for your product.
    # You did not install the HP software available including scanning.
    # You try to solve a problem scanning and try to identify the cause of the problem.

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    Re: Setting up HP ColorLaserjet 3500 with Windows 7

    You need to Click on "Add a network printer " , which automatically starts the search for the printer. Select the printer . If the automatic search fails, click on the little green arrow "printer I want is not listed . Then check "Select a shared printer by name " then click " Browse ". In the new window , left click on that computer is displayed on the right , the tree of your computer where the printer is identified by name.

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    Re: Setting up HP Color Laserjet 3500 with Windows 7

    With Windows 7 nothing works properly, connection USB, networks, accessories . HP is unable to produce and update their diverse. These are companies that make fun of their customers and show more of a plus, without embarrassment and without concern for the environment, they must dispose of appliances due to their inability to provide systems compatible.

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