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Thread: Touchscreen & Ear During Calls

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    Touchscreen & Ear During Calls

    Do you have any idea about the options and setting that I am missing and the same would cause the phone to not lock/disable the touchscreen when it is getting held to your ear ?

    When the phone is on the ear, the screen is not getting disabled and just because of these things , my ear is creating several events to happen as the touchscreen is located to perform ... I have put another receive on hold, hung up during calls, dialed the numbers from the keypad..

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    Re: Touchscreen & Ear During Calls

    There are some experts suggested to go for the hard resetting but ....Actually my wife and I getting the same issues with our Arias, it didn't happened before . I have used to make the hard reset, but should that really be important in this case ? That is the fundamental problem in this case. If this device not doing anything else, this should be a fine phone...and that problem has almost driven my wife to return the same and it because she continuously hanging up on clients. You can give it a try,if you think ..

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    Re: Touchscreen & Ear During Calls

    When you are calling anybody , you received a message onto the display as "Press and hold the lock key to use the screen..." or something as that, it indicates that the screen get locked.

    Further more, you will get a photoelectric sensor just after the front of the camera . When no light specified onto the screen switched off and even when you will touch the same, there is nothing going to be happen, and when there is light onto the display will unlock and switch on. Now , you are able to unlock the same OR unless you turned off the sensor application .

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    Re: Touchscreen & Ear During Calls

    Initially , the light sensor is assumes as to turn off the screen if it is issued to your ear (you can find it as turn off when you take this off your ear to issue the specified keys onto the dialer pad at the time of making calls). The only thing that I would recommend you to have the phone pressed on your hear and be sure that the sensor is covered up . Not much help really but your not the only one who is getting such type of issue with this phone .

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