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Thread: skype on c5

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    skype on c5

    I want to install skype on my phone nokia C5. I am not able to install the skype on my c5. i want to download it via OVI store. I did download it but enable to install. Will you help me? Is there any option to install the skype and run it on my c5 mobile phone?

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    Re: skype on c5

    You want to install the skype software on your mobile C5 and have sufficient memory in your C5. You have to go on the web browser. There are a lot of sites available on the internet through which you can download the particular skype. You are not able to install skype on your C5 then you should restart your cell after downloaded the skype, after restarting the phone you have to install the skype operation can be done.

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    Re: skype on c5

    You have nokia C5 which is very compatible to run the skype. You know very well C5 includes OVI which is able to download the skype. It means there will be no problem in downloading of skype. You have to double click on the setup then setup will launch. To install the skype on C5, its configuration matter. Battery backup of C5 is not good.
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    Re: skype on c5

    C5 has much area like its interior, exterior and under -hood. Some c5 in the market is very squeaky clean. There e are some internal force which destroy your phone always. You have to scan your phone daily if possible so that externally can be affected. You should keep updated ant viruses always.

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    Re: skype on c5

    C5 has rough handling that can be affect the bond. Three is a plastic casein C5 to prevent the leakage of the battery. C5 battery is overheated if you have it on the charging, that will damage your mobile phone and it is due to poor constructions. Therefore if you are facing battery problem should consult your retailer from where you buy it.

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    Re: skype on c5

    C5 can handle the skype and it is good too user, because skype provide many facilities like you can make video call and chatting through the Internet.Skype is the software through which you can video calling and chating without paying money.

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