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Thread: How to get Internet radio working.

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    How to get Internet radio working.

    I wanted to know the procedure to get internet radio working on zune i have just started using the zune MP3 Players and hence i am not aware of the internet radio. how do the internet radio work in Zune also tell me whether it is possible to get rid of radio if it does not work. Hope someone will definitely help me.

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    Re: How to get Internet radio working.

    I think you will have to follow the steps which are mentioned below in order to get the your internet radio working.
    • Click start and go to run type "regedit" without the double quotes.
    • Open RegEdit, Navigate to HKCU/Software/Microsot/Zune/Shell.
    • Modify the value of “StartupPage” to “Collection\Radio”.
    • Restart your Zune Software.

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    Re: what is an HD radio in Zune

    Hello friends i have heard about the zune application that it is embedded with a HD radio i am not very much aware of this technology anyone can aware about this HD radio but if someone can elaborate this issue i will be thankful to him i wanted to know the technology used and how does it work does it work brilliantly or not.

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    Re: How to get Internet radio working.

    While most people think the "HD" stands for "high definition", it actually means "Hybrid Digital". This digital technology allows stations to offer several son while using the same bandwidth as one traditional analog station. You can learn more about HD Radio here. we have at least 4-5 stations that broadcast in HD, so I like this feature. While I would never use a regular FM radio, HD radio offers more choice since most HD stations offer two different power supplies.

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    Re: How to get Internet radio working.

    The HD Zune is the first device of its kind to offer an HD Radio, and I'm sure there will be more to follow. The HD Radio feature not only shows the call letters of station, but also the artist and song currently playing. You can even record your favorite channels and add songs to your shopping cart Zune Marketplace for purchase. With WiFi, you can listen to a song on the radio, then buy it with a touch screen a few!

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