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Thread: WiFi for Blackberry 8330 Curve/Telus

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    WiFi for Blackberry 8330 Curve/Telus

    I was just thinking that it can be possible or not. I wanted to connect and access the contents from the wifi connection. In order to this, I wanted to be connect my blackberry with the wifi connection . Do you have any idea about this and Is there any upgrade for Blackberry 8330 Curve to be able to work with the WiFi connection ?I appreciate your help ..

    Thanks ..

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    Re: WiFi for Blackberry 8330 Curve/Telus

    Hi Vayya, I am also a newbie for these type of tasks and information but I can sugest you that there is not any way through which you can go for as you wanted to do . I am also a new user for the blackberry 8330 and I am sure about the information taht I have given you but some alternatives are also included in this. I know ,wi-fi is not available in this blackberry. At this point, I am also running with the confusion that can I go for the miniUSB wi-fi adapter on blackberry to access the wifi connection and functions ? If you all have any method to go beyond this or any flashlight on this mechanism ...

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    Re: WiFi for Blackberry 8330 Curve/Telus

    You started well discussion because it seems very silly topic for me and according to my knowledge, I have never used this procedure and never think about this to do but I have to do it for a try . As per the conceptual ways , Blackberries are very secure devices so in case of the RIM , it would provide the proper privileges for the drivers to be written to make this work properly with the USB wi-fi adapter. So, I am currently thinking that it would not work as well .But I will go for a try and then ic an suggest you mush better about this ...

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    Re: WiFi for Blackberry 8330 Curve/Telus

    I am running with a blackberry 8330 and I was just thinking to get the 8530 after that because it had with the Wifi. and a kewl trackpad.thats all . Blackberry 8330 performs all of things with very well manner and more then 8530 can.... My theme collection and appearance seems like the one and 8530 uses going fine as well . But I am in the same way and need the WIFI connection . I am sure, a mini USB wifi Adapter capable to go for that activity but its not the equal size as the complete of the blackberry.... I have jsut considered that the hole was seems as micro USB. If this is a Mini where can I got One. I require my wifi connection....

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    Re: WiFi for Blackberry 8330 Curve/Telus

    I was just searching to get the solution for some issues and I got the same issues comes with the Cortado dot com and ThinPrint. I have finished the downloading of their suggested programs which allows me to print from my blackberry Curve 8330 to any WiFi printer, but it was not functioning at all. Now, I can get why. The blackberry 8330 is not WiFi activated. Thanks to this message center, I got the answer.

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