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Thread: Desktop Manager: language input question

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    Desktop Manager: language input question

    My blackberry is bold 9700 and Desktop manager version is . I got some news that OS is compatible with the support Chinese character input. That's why I have done the downloading of same from:

    And done the installation of the same in computer and then after I launched "Desktop manager" -> "Application Loader" -> "Add or remove applications". But in "Language and Input Support" , there is no "Chinese" part. Could somebody suggest me how to add this function?

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    Re: Desktop Manager: language input question

    Just go through the steps suggested below and I am sure it would be helpful for you to solve this issue ..Just go for a try :

    1. Just Uninstall the old BlackBerry device software.Move to the Control Panel and then go for the Add/Remove Programs. There You can get the list of previously installed device softwares, Just select the software as BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
    2. Download the recent BlackBerry OS for Your particular BlackBerry model from this official website (I select the south east Asian version.
    3. Install the files that you have downloaded recently.
    4. Just be sure that your BlackBerry device is plugged to Your desktop computer and the BlackBerry Desktop Manager is not working.
    5. Move to the directory of Your BlackBerry device software loader:
      C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader
    6. There you can find a file known as VENDOR.XML. Change the name of the file or remove this out.
    7. Open a console window and move to the BlackBerry directory by issuing:
      cd C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\
      enter: Loader.exe /nojvm
    8. It should begin the installation procedure.
    9. After a short while you get a window where You can select what you have to install again
    10. Complete the installation procedure . The first restart after installing the new OS software on your BlackBerry should consume half an hour.

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    Re: Desktop Manager: language input question

    I am going through the steps that you have suggested about procedure to enable the chinese input characters, but I am unable to finish it up ...

    1. How to uninstall old blackberry device utilities ? I have tried to find out at Add/remove program from the control panel, but didn't got any blackberry device software, except Blackberry Desktop Software and Blackberry media Sync... So which one are you going with ?

    2. When you stated for the installation of blackberry software which we have downloaded,you mean the installation within the computer ?

    Please help me out , because after I done upgrade to v.5, my blackberry unable to do pinyin input character.

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    Re: Desktop Manager: language input question

    Thanks for querying about this because it can also be helpful for other people on this forums, if they have any confusion regarding this .

    Question 1. Yeah, Blackberry Desktop Software and blackberry Media Sync are the two which I am recommending to you .

    Question 2. Yeah, into computer , then go through the suggestion to load this onto your Blackberry. Now , Blackberry official website has a newest Eastasia Language Pack for Bold 9000 that is known as "BlackBerry Handheld Software v5.0.0.1137 (EastAsia) ".Try this primarily if not going successful, keep with the previous version "BlackBerry Handheld Software v4.6.0.518 (EastAsia)".

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