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Thread: MacBook hard drive issue

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    MacBook hard drive issue

    I have a MacBook black. I was working, realized I made a mistake and, slapped my hand down on my desk. In doing so, I hit the laptop, pretty hard right on the lower right hand corner, where the hard drive is.

    I thought I had dodged a bullet, but the next morning, the laptop started acting funny. By the end of the day it had major problems reading the hard drive. I thought that was the issue, so I put in a new hard drive, restored everything from my TimeMachine backup and thought I was done. A day or so later, the new hard drive started acting up. I opened Disk utility and it said "this drive has a hardware problem that can't be repaired." I loaded the disk into an external enclosure and it works fine.

    What have I done to my beloved MacBook, and can it be repaired?

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    Re: MacBook hard drive issue

    It seems that, there might be and issue with the bay, but generally speaking, having a drive failing after two or three years is not abnormal and your's is a new one I am afraid. Have you tried enabling the SMART status? You can also pin-point to some loose connections of the wires or so.

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