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Thread: Gateway 300s Desktop Circa 2003

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    Gateway 300s Desktop Circa 2003

    I have encompassed my hands on a Gateway 300s desktop system and cannot figure out how to get the side(s) off so that I be able to add a number of RAM. Previous to you go scurrying off to the gateway website. Gateway has the wrong system pictured when I investigate their website. I have downloaded their manual for this a 300s desktop system and it is not the right manual. What you suggest me do here.

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    Re: Gateway 300s Desktop Circa 2003

    Subsequent to you undo one large thumb screw and slip off the gray side panel, the case opens effortlessly. The tight interior inescapably lacks the room originate in more-spacious tower designs, additional than it is comparatively neat. Two open PCI slots and one free memory socket are simple to get at if you lie the case down on its side. It is a micro tower and it is one of at least three dissimilar pcs by means of this model number gateway has built.

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    Re: Gateway 300s Desktop Circa 2003

    Yes, the thumbscrew be required to be removed on the rear, and then push in on the release button on the front and the top determine to lift off (presumptuous it is sitting on its side and not in its vertical stand). The customer that purchase the case in was looking for PC100 RAM - and the system takes DDR! We got her back up and working with in no time once we got the durned thing open. It merely had 128 mB of RAM installed - so the 512 mB improvement was unbelievable.

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    Re: Gateway 300s Desktop Circa 2003

    There were 3 thumb screws on the rear - as I remember it's the one in the middle that has to approach out. The top one was in the corner of the PSU and the substructure one detained the retainer for the PCI slots. The case in addition had a base that had to be eliminated first (an additional customer figured that out for us) - it snapped right off by means of a bit of pulling. The case was reluctant to open - once the entire in excess of again a firm tug separated it and we got it open.

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    Re: Gateway 300s Desktop Circa 2003

    Immediately had the identical tribulations today and in conclusion got the case opened by means of assist. The release button is on the front of the case and you determine to hear it hit it off when you push it in far sufficient. Create certain you unscrew the middle silver screw on the back that maintain the lid on, push the release on the front and pull up from the front in the direction of the back to open it up. I was trying to install a DSL modem that I discovered would not fit on this motherboard, additional than managed to add a number of RAM that I had laying approximately so it was not a total waste of time. There was no information in sequence on this case by means of Gateway and I was going crazy trying to get it open until I had facilitate.

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    Re: Gateway 300s Desktop Circa 2003

    The Gateway EV700 17-inch CRT monitor has a black case pronunciation by a carbon-toned bezel, and it satisfactorily complements the system's on the whole design. In our image tests, text on a newsletter characteristic crisp, easily readable letters even though extremely well details, such as diminutive serif edges on extra-large fonts, were lost. Colors looked vivid, and flesh tones were practical in our test photo. This reasonably priced entry-level system suits homes by means of modest computing requirements, limited desktop space, and tight budgets.

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    Re: Gateway 300s Desktop Circa 2003

    As you would by means of many additional entry-level systems, you determine to have encompassed to recognize the 300S's modest multimedia offerings. For instance, the system comes by means of Intel 845GL-based integrated graphics, which does not sustain or maintain AGP and successfully eliminates graphics upgrades. In our gaming tests, Unreal Tournament and Quake III played adequately at 16-bit color depth and at the low declaration of 640 by 480, additional than they were unplayable at higher resolutions and the richer 32-bit color depth that hard-core gamers have a preference.

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