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Thread: iPhone 4 rattle

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    iPhone 4 rattle

    Hi there, I have purchased a new iPhone 4 which is running with the iOS4. But recently i started getting one problem which i am not sure that it is default function or the bug of iPhone 4. Actually whenever i shake the device of mine i am getting a Rattle on the Micro Sim Area. Is there anyone who is having the same issue. Thank you.

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    Re: iPhone 4 rattle

    The problem which you are getting is with the bumper. When you keep your bumper on you might get the issue with the same. So to get it working with issue of rattling you should turn it off and the issue will resolve. I have got the same problem while bumper is on and i was trying to Shook it. But after turning bumper off the issue got resolved.

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    Re: iPhone 4 rattle

    I am also having the Rattling problem with the iPhone 4 which rattles while i was shaking it. The rattling become invisible when i keep my finger on the Sleep/Wake button. When i am shaking the device keeping my finger on Shake/Wake button i am not getting the rattling. And while keep off my finger getting the rattling again.

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    Re: iPhone 4 rattle

    This is the common problem with the Apple Product. I have seen this kind of default problem in the previous version of the iPhone that is iPhone 3GS which also rattle. And now hearing same about the iPhone 4 also. Apple is unable to resolve this issue with the new iOS4 also. Hope that will got resolved soon with new upgraded version OS.

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    Re: iPhone 4 rattle

    As you have got the new device and it might be having the warranty period left on the device. So it is better to replace it with the new one. For that you should have to visit the Apple Store which will register your complaint and work on it. So do as i said and see whether you are getting the problem of yours resolved or not.

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