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Thread: iPhone 4 Highest Amongst All Smartphones

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    iPhone 4 Highest Amongst All Smartphones

    According to the consumer reports post they simply cannot advise the iPhone 4 because of the widely reported signal problem connected to touching the lower-left corner of the device. This only problem has prevented from the fully advising the iPhone 4. But their formal testing but revealed the iPhone 4 ranked the topmost all the smartphones in the testing.
    AllThingsD summarizes the report. The iPhone 4 scored 75 out of 100 points–two points ahead of its closest rivals, the HTC Evo 4G and the iPhone 3Gs.The product assessment agency rated the iPhone 4 “outstanding” in its display, direction-finding, Web browsing, multimedia and battery life categories, “Excellent” in phoning and messaging and “excellent” in voice quality.
    The iPhone 4 strike out the HTC Evo in addition to all the other Smartphones and had the highest score of 76/100. The signal issue described is that holding the lower-left corner of the iPhone 4 can reduce cell phone signal and have an effect on calls in areas with inferior reception. The problem depends on your local coverage and can be adjusted with a phone case.

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    Re: iPhone 4 Highest Amongst All Smartphones

    This thing was totally lost in the headlines since the consumer reports nailed Apple for the reception problem, hardly mentioning the reality that the iPhone scores were are so much high. Insight is reality and this problem is now becoming a brand problem that I hope Apple should confront it in a better way. The idea of a covering sounds good, but I am sure that it would not last for too long. It will nice to hear that what amount of phone will be impacted by this.

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    Re: iPhone 4 Highest Amongst All Smartphones

    According to me the reception problem is because of the flaw in design. It is really absurd that if issue can be resolve by a case or by the piece of tape then also this issue is hyped so much. There are many people using this and according to me this is the best phone in the market. I am going to buy this iPhone 4 and I have the complete knowledge about the problem of antenna.

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    Re: iPhone 4 Highest Amongst All Smartphones

    It seems that hundred percent of the iPhones are affected by this issue. Actually the thing is that this problem depends on the signal strength in you region. Well this iPhone 4 was very near to the perfect phone but this one problem has ruined the whole thing. There are few issues that should also be considered such as randomly disconnecting bluetooth and the faulty proximity sensor. Otherwise this phone is great.

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    Re: iPhone 4 Highest Amongst All Smartphones

    I know that iPhone 4 is the best buy, but I am not going to buy iPhone 4 until and unless they are going to fix this issue. I do not think that merely the software update is not going to solve the problem. For me the features that are given are least import for me, but then also I require a phone not the iPod Touch. I love Apple products like the others but this issue has to be solved by apple and not by me using the tap or any kind of case.

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