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Thread: Internet Error with Opera Mini on Nokia 5310

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    Internet Error with Opera Mini on Nokia 5310

    Well, I want someone to guide me how to connect to the Internet using Opera Mini, I have a Nokia 5310 and already configured by the operator, a bone that I can access the Internet (edge) but the application of nokia, but when I try to enter by opera says "Error, could not connect to the Internet". Someone could connect using opera? This application comes pre-installed. In my previous nokia had the option to leave connected to the edge in stand-by, but in this cell can not find that option. Need your help guys.

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    Re: Internet Error with Opera Mini on Nokia 5310

    You should try the following settings :
    Configure the connection, we're going to MENU - SETTINGS --- SET CONFIG. PERSONAL - OPTIONS --- ----- select ADD NEW ACCESS POINT ... and filled all configurations with the same data as before and covered what he says here:
    • Here I bring the configuration to get free internet on cell phones nokias.
    • Login to Menu> Settings> Configuration> config settings. personal.
    • (If you do not have anything in the config settings. Comm., They click on "Add") Select Options> Add New (for those who have something in config settings. Comm.)
    • Select WEB
    • Under "Account Name" enter the name "Multimedia messages" (no quotes)
    • "Use pt. Access pref." Choose "NO"
    • Select Settings Access Points.
    • Activate the Proxy.
    • The address of the Proxy note the following things: 148 233 151 240
    • Proxy port record in: 8080

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    Re: Internet Error with Opera Mini on Nokia 5310

    A small manual that I make them for whoever is interested with an Internet connection using Opera Mini on Nokia 5310. The steps that I have mentioned will definitely help you.
    • We enter

      and follow
      We got the Opera Mini browser application that matches our phone, select Make and Model of Mobile Watch.
    • Select the language you want the Java Application Opera Mini browser, and below we will leave the option between JAR and JAD.
    • Then put the application on the mobile phone, meaning through the Bluetooth, cable or infrared (you like).
      Note :- I will go directly to memory card and internal memory then ... if they have a nokia put-options-application access to communication ra-preguntar1 No time or always allowed if it is available.
    • After the application, we go to the menu of the mobile,
      Settings - Connectivity - Java Settings - New Profile
    • Name: the one you want (here I put the name of the supplier)
      New GPRS data
      • APN: put here the Internet address of your provider
      • User name: blank
      • Password: Empty

      Note: in case you do not know the Internet address of your provider, go to this page

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    Re: Internet Error with Opera Mini on Nokia 5310

    The Nokia 5130 XpressMusic is a mobile phone of Nokia series of XpressMusic. Is a compatible phone with Flash Lite 2.0 and Java MIDP 2.0. For web services, it has the Opera Mini browser and Windows Live for instant messaging. So if your Opera Mini is not working properly, then try to reinstall the application again or format your cell phone and then restore it to factory settings.
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    Re: Internet Error with Opera Mini on Nokia 5310

    The mobile browser Opera Mini is now in version 5.1 with several enhancements to the program and better support for devices with limited memory. The mobile browser Opera Mini continues to receive regular upgrades and password now in version 5.1. Used by 61 million mobile subscribers and more compatible with 3000 models of mobile phones, it is an indispensable reference for accessing the mobile Internet, especially for entry-level terminals.

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    Re: Internet Error with Opera Mini on Nokia 5310

    I think that you should install the latest version of the Opera Mini or atleast update its version. I would like to recommend you to install the 5.1 version of Opera Mini. With version 5.1, Opera announced that the publisher include enhanced user experience for devices with limited performance (regardless of internal memory) with a new format of the browser to display more pages open at once, in a scrolling pages and an improved browsing experience significantly more fluid.

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    Re: Internet Error with Opera Mini on Nokia 5310

    Opera said that this update is highly recommended for users of Nokia phones using S40 interface and equipped with little memory, as the Nokia 5130 XpressMusic, Nokia 6300 and Nokia 7200 or the mobiles with small displays such as Sony Ericsson K550i or Sony Ericsson W810i. In contrast, the v5.1 update will not change much for the terminals in the highest range and smartphones, with abundant RAM. Recall that the objective of Opera Mini is to allow as many mobile Web access, particularly in countries where computers are scarce and where the motive is often the main channel for the Internet ... at all.

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