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Thread: Godaddy smtp and iphone

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    Godaddy smtp and iphone

    Unable to send an email with an iPhone3G reception without problem? My ISP is Godaddy the message type appears (outgoing server failure thank you kindly help me, Godaddy is one of the best web hosting providers in the world and hence i think that i am missing something please help me to get this problem solved.

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    Re: Godaddy smtp and iphone

    For the short explanation, the POP server (incoming mail) should be that your ISP's e-mail while the server SMTP (outgoing mail) is linked to your telephone. This applies to any mobile phone that can send and receive e-mails and whether Orange, SFR. I would add that in some cases, it may be necessary to inform the heading "This connection requires authentication 'by entering your username and password.

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    Re: Godaddy smtp and iphone

    After some tests, here is my conclusion who works for me:
    my config: ADSL via freeadsl, and iphone with Orange subscription.

    A - do not configure server
    2 - Registration via the iphone settings (mail. ...->> smtp-> Add) two secondary servers: port 25 (no password) port 25 (no password)
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    Re: Godaddy smtp and iphone

    Most probably the Go Daddy SMTP server is You will need top specify the port according to your Internet service provider (ISP) You can also use the default SMTP port of 25. 80 will aslo help or you can even use the 3535. I think that it will have an impact on the ability of sending to the server which may be configured for the SPD records. You may not be impacted by the same, Anyways it's something which you should know if you are ending up going with

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