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Thread: iPod touch Battery Percentage

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    iPod touch Battery Percentage

    Hi I am having an iPod since form 6 months. It is having a kind of battery icon on the top side that shows the amount of battery left in the device. I want to see a percentage here instead of that tiny animation. I am unable to find the same. I hope there will be some way of making this thing work better. Is there any app available that can do this. I had yet not found anything on iTunes store for the same. I had also checked inside settings but still unable to find anything.

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    Re: iPod touch Battery Percentage

    You can do that by for that, you have to go ahead and jailbreak your device. It is a complicated part. If you are ready to do that then check out the below steps:

    1 Jailbreak your iPhone (if not already done)
    2 Install " Open SSH "from Cydia or Icy ( no need to add source )
    3 Can you connect to your iPhone via a software as cyberduck for MAC, or, more simply , DiskAid ( PC and Mac)
    4 Scroll / System/Library/CoreServices/
    5 Open M68AP and : PC : add - gauge diesel - battery ( newline ) in capabilities.
    MAC: you select Capabilities and click " add item "call -gauge diesel - battery, then instead of string
    boolean set and click the right box .
    6 Restart your iPhone and go to Settings / General / Use / Battery level , and drag the button

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    Re: iPod touch Battery Percentage

    Apple has a hidden feature in the firmware 3.0. After having this update it is possible to have a battery percentage instead of that animated battery icon on the top right side. I am not sure where to find that by I was able to see that in my friends device. It is not recommended to jailbreak your phone. It can cause serious problem if you do that and there are chances that your phone might not able to boot.

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    Re: iPod touch Battery Percentage

    1. Connect with SSH to your iPhone
    2 . Go to the directory:
    / var / mobile / Library / Preferences /
    3. Download the file on your computer
    4. Open it with an editor or convert the plist files (see previous tutorial )
    5 . Locate the following lines:
    [Key ] SBReorderCount [/ key]
    [Integer ] 2 [ / integer ]
    6. Add the following values below :
    [Key ] SBShowBatteryLevel [/ key]
    [ true / ] (replace "[ " and " ] " by " < " and " > "
    7 . Upload the file in the original
    8. Reboot your iPhone

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    Re: iPod touch Battery Percentage

    - An iPod Touch / iPhone jailbreak
    - Winterboard


    Open CYDIA ; locate the application ( theme ) " Battery Percentage Theme "

    While installing the theme , leave and head to cydia winterboard ...
    select " Battery Percentage Theme " then exit winterboard
    turn to recharge your iPod! You see your percentage of battery

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    Attention to see the percentage of battery , the firmware version 3.0 must be installed. Specifically , the full iPhone 3G have this free update , the " old " iphone 3G must be updated via iTunes . It costs approx $ 12 while the same for the ipod touch. Here , in tutorial "step by step how to configure the iPhone .
    • Go to the main menu of your iPhone and click Settings
    • Now , touch General.
    • The menu is different from versions pre 3.0 iPhone. Activate the battery level as below. The remaining time utilization it appears immediately as a percentage in the top right, next to the small icon .

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