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Thread: Iphone + Wifi Router = Slow wifi Connection

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    Iphone + Wifi Router = Slow wifi Connection

    I have an iphone and wifi roter, I want to checks the connection speed 3G or Wi -Fi on your iPhone. The function is similar to Xtreme Speedtest and DSLReports Network Speed Test, but the interface is much better. Click on " Check Your Pipes "and everything will happen automatically. I feels slow. Please help. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Iphone + Wifi Router = Slow wifi Connection

    Any WLAN has no link with our mobile operator. We can easily (even without membership 3G , for example if we have a simple mobicarte ) to connect to a wifi point abroad. However , some non-public wireless access requires a username and password , to request the agency concerned, for example hotel .

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    Re: Iphone + Wifi Router = Slow wifi Connection

    I have heard of problems wifi on these iphone , but only because of the jailbreak. Do you have a jailbroken iPhone ? Now I believe you can have two reasons for this problem : Either you do a restore , jailbreak etc. Either you have to reconfigure your dsl box. I already jaillebreak my iphone wifi walked very well , and then overnight so I had nothing to remove the jaillbreak made a full restoration but no change .

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    Re: Iphone + Wifi Router = Slow wifi Connection

    It must return the WEP key (which is in the first page - fold - the guide of the Livebox ) , taking care to respect capital. But as the Livebox performs MAC address filtering , you must also remember to press the " Association " (located under the belly of the beast ) just before joining the network. If you have a wifi at your house for your pc with a code you can put on your iphone without problem. You press settings , Wi - Fi Chose a network for example if your network is called: Toto Toto you click you typing your access codes of your wi - fi and you can hop on your iphone surf.

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    Re: Iphone + Wifi Router = Slow wifi Connection

    First and foremost , you must return your iPhone to your wireless receptive to this :
    1 Press 2752_icone_Iphone.jpg your iPhone.
    2 Select Settings > Wi-Fi.
    3 In Wi- Fi Network , Wi-Fi enabled by support in the area so it turns blue.
    Wi- Fi is now enabled on your iPhone.

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    Re: Iphone + Wifi Router = Slow wifi Connection

    You need to connect iPhone to your livebox. You have livebox Thomson / Inventel, Sagem or Mini, Put your livebox in pairing mode. You have the livebox 2, skip to the next step. Learn more about the model of your Livebox. Make sure that capitalization is enabled on the iPhone to capture the key wireless security (WEP, WPA or WPA2). To activate the Caps on iPhone, press:
    * Settings> General or General > Keyboard.
    * Then activate the Caps Lock button tab by pressing the blue slider . You can also set the mode shift "manually from the QWERTY keyboard on your iPhone. it is the same key as the computer keyboard.

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