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Thread: Microsoft Zune's major problems

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    Microsoft Zune's major problems

    I am having some issue on my zune out of which first is that i am not able to connect with a wireless network and then i have to restart it for using it again. It automatically starts synchronizing when i connect it with the computer system but actually it does not sync anything and it stays on the sync screen even after i have disconnected it. When i tried to format it then it freezes my zune software as well as zune.
    Most of the problems have got solved by rebooting it.

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    Re: Microsoft Zune's major problems

    Update the Zune player. Connect the Zune player to a computer that has the current Zune software installed, and then update the player. You can go to the Microsoft's website where they have provided the whole process step by step to update your zune device. It would be in the manual as well but i guess it would be more rapid to go through the microsoft's website.
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    Re: Microsoft Zune's major problems

    Restart the Zune player. Follow the instructions for the kind of player that you have:
    • Zune HD player: Press and hold the On/Off button for about 10 seconds until the player restarts.
    • Non-touchscreen Zune player: Set the Hold switch to the unlocked position, and then press and hold the Back button as you press the top of the Zune pad. When the Zune device starts to restart, you can release the buttons.

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    Re: Microsoft Zune's major problems

    It could be the problem with the network which you are using on your Zune. I suggest you to try connecting by using some other network. It might happen that there would be some kind of problem from the internet service provider. If your wireless network requires any informations to be entered after starting a browser then you wont be able to get connected if you are using a non-touchscreen Zune player.

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    Re: Microsoft Zune's major problems

    I think you should try by Re linking your Zune, I have given the following steps to do it.
    1. First of all connect your Zune with the computer system on which Zune software has been installed.
    2. Go to the settings on Zune software and then click on Device. Now click Linking.
    3. Now disable Zune Account from the player.
    4. Then choose Link my Zune account to my player.
    5. Enter your windows live ID and password.
    6. Click Verify & Save and then OK.

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    Re: Microsoft Zune's major problems

    If you are the administrator of the wireless network, follow these guidelines.
    1. Make sure that the wireless network is set to broadcast its SSID. The Zune device cannot locate and connect to the network if the SSID is not broadcast.
    2. Position the wireless router or the access point in a central location. If the router or the access point is against an outside wall, the wireless signal may be weak on the opposite side of the building.
    3. Make sure that the wireless network is connected to the Internet. You may have to restart the wireless network or the Internet gateway.

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    Re: Microsoft Zune's major problems

    First of all you need to check devices that are permitted on the Zune Marketplace.
    1. Connect your Zune device with the computer system on which you have installed Zune software.
    2. Go to the Settings and then click on an Account and then Computers and Devices.
    3. Now Sign In by using your Windows Live ID.
    4. You can have only three devices connected to your Zune Marketplace account. If there are three devices listed there and please note that you might not be able to download content.
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    Re: Microsoft Zune's major problems

    If it is possible, create the connection to the wireless network that uses your computer. To do this, follow these steps:
    1. Start the Zune software on the Windows-based computer.
    2. Connect your Zune device to your computer by using the Zune sync cable.
    3. Click Settings, and then click Device.
    4. Click Wireless Sync, and then click Set Up Wireless Sync.
    5. Do one of the following:
    * Select a network from the list that is automatically found.
    * Click Show Advanced Settings to manually configure the device. To manually configure the wireless settings, follow these steps:
    1. Enter the name of your wireless network (SSID).
    2. Select a supported network type for your wireless network.
    • Supported network types

    o No encryption
    o WEP
    o WPA
    o WPA2
    • Unsupported network types

    o WPA2 on Zune 30GB
    o Corporate networks or networks that use 802.1X, WPA-Enterprise, or WPA2-Enterprise
    o Networks that use certificate or smart card authentication

    6. Click Next.
    7. Type a network key or pass phrase if you are prompted. Then, click OK.
    8. Click Finish.
    9. Disconnect the Zune sync cable.

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