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Thread: Razr memory full text Problems

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    Razr memory full text Problems

    So I purchased a Motorola Razr V3 some days back and the whole thing works great...excluding the messages. When I go to text message I am facing some eccentric problems. Every time I go to new message I get perceive that says “Memory full” and then it won't let me text. I'm at a loss on what to do here, anyone have any suggestion? Please help me as soon as possible.

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    Re: Razr memory full text Problems

    The first thing that you will have to try is to reboot your cellphone. Also leave it turned on and only after that take the battery out. I hope that there are chances to fix your problems by doing this. I would like to ask that whether you tried to set up your text messages to save to phone memory?? If not, then do it first. You should also know that the Razr prefers all your phone numbers to be saved to phone memory too. Check on settings of the message and check that your memory meter has gone down after that.

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    Re: Razr memory full text Problems

    For fixing the problems of the messages related, the formatting is only considered. But before that I would like to suggest you to delete every messages from your inbox, sent items, drafts, etc. and then try to type the message and then sent it. If you are having external memory card, then in message settings turn the path to saved messages to memory card. I think that maybe your message are getting saved to phone memory and that's why, you are not able to do anything with the messages. Once you change your saved messages to memory card, your problem will get fixed.
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    Re: Razr memory full text Problems

    I am also having similar issues but I am using the Sony Ericsson w910i. After trying several ways, I am not able to receive or send SMS or MMS. So I thought that you guys can provide some help regarding the topic. Could you tell me if you already happen or if you have already heard. I am not able to get any help, so expecting some help from your side sooner.

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    Re: Razr memory full text Problems

    For problems such as SMS that does not sends it can also come from the sim card (a mere change) for the application rather than wait three weeks to go by returning are going mobile on Sony Ericsson site and download software update service. Install the software and follow the directions issued by the software and it will do the same thing if you send it to Sony Ericsson except that you save time preferably save sms, mms, photo and contact on the sim card and memory card. The w910i is not recommend to anyone wanting nervous and that everything happens in the second he must be patient.

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    Re: Razr memory full text Problems

    Go to messaging, and then settings, then all messages and then auto save. Turn off auto saves, and then you should be able to contact text messages. At slightest that what I did and the 'memory full' memorandum never showed up over again. I played around with a duo other things before I discovered that it was fixed, so I am not entirely sure it was auto save. I also had gone to message settings then text message settings, and turned auto view off. I turned auto save back on and it works normally now.

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