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Thread: logitech x 530 driver for my ibm thinkcenter

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    logitech x 530 driver for my ibm thinkcenter

    I have bought a new computer system and along with which i have bought a new logitech x-530 which is very much attractive and i loved the design of this speakers. But by some reason this speakers are not working on my IBM Thinkcenter. I think drivers would the reason for it so can anybody tell me where can i find logitech x-530 drivers.

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    Re: logitech x 530 driver for my ibm thinkcenter

    I guess you have gone wrong somewhere, Actually the logitech device about which you are talking here is a 5.1 surround sound system as per my knowledge any speaker system or any audio system does not need any kind of drivers to download. So you do not need any drivers for playing the songs from Logitech X 530 by connecting it to your desktop.

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    Re: logitech x 530 driver for my ibm thinkcenter

    There might be something wrong with the drivers on your IBM ThinkCenter and for playing the sound system on your thinkcenter, you have to install an audio drivers on your computer system. There could be anything wrong with the audio drivers if you are not able to play any kind of sounds from your ibm desktop computer.

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    Re: logitech x 530 driver for my ibm thinkcenter

    I do not know that your computer need an audio driver or not but there is one more reason by which you will not be able to play sound from your IBM desktop. You have to double click on the sound icon which will be there on system tray.
    This will open Sound setting on your computer and check that all the bars are properly set or not.
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    Re: logitech x 530 driver for my ibm thinkcenter

    I suggest you to go to the Start menu on your computer and then go to the control panel. Once you have opened the control panel then open Sound And Audio Devices. Here you would be allowed to choose for an audio hardware which has been connected to the usb port or an audio port. I think you have to select for the logitech x 530 there in the hardware tab and check other options as well.

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