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Thread: E52 memory full/crashing problems!

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    E52 memory full/crashing problems!

    My phone keeps on crashing/freezing regularly. And this also eats a lot of device battery. I am not able to figure out why this thing happens on its own. I am using Nokia E52. Before it use to work well, but later on it started giving me problem. It just restart on normal usage. Like if I want to send a message or if I want to dial a number. It is getting more and more complicated to use this phone. Can anyone help me to fix the problem. Because nothing works here.

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    If the device is restarting then it is some kind of hardware issue. If it is freezing then you can still fix that by running full factory reset. Because that is the most fastest way to resolve the issue. Restarting means there is some internal flaw which is causing the issue and to resolve the same you have to take it to the service center. Even factory restore is not going to work here.

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    I was having a freezing problem which got fixed on its own. All I did is formatted my memory card. And the problem was solved. It was working fine after that. In your case just test. There can be some app or some corrupt memory card which is creating the issue. Just remove it and keep it aside and then test it. I am quiet sure that will offer you a decent output. If the problem still does not resolve then you have to take it to the repair shop.
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