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Thread: Advanced Call Manager E52 license

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    Advanced Call Manager E52 license

    Recently my phone Nokia E52 was affected by the virus and i was not able to do any thing on my phone, so i had to do the hard reset of my phone to overcome this problem of virus. The virus was remove from the phone but there was a problem occurred on my phone, i lost an application which is called Advanced Call Manager. So i went to the website and downloaded the application on more time on my phone and installed, but it was asking me the license key which i was not having it. So please help me with this problem and i want to have the keys..

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    Re: Advanced Call Manager E52 license

    I can say that if you have purchased the software or the product then you should have the license key for the same, if you don't have then i think you need to contact the application supplier and then ask them to please assist you with this problem which you are facing it currently with your application. The key will be based on your IMEI number of your phone and they may re-issue the unlock key to you.

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    Re: Advanced Call Manager E52 license

    As i have seen that when you lose those applications and software there is no recovery for the same, i think you should have to purchase the application in order to have it back on your phone and running again. After that now you can call to the nokia care and get the clarification of what you have faced the problem. So make sure all the problems which you face with the nokia service center and ask them to solve this problem.
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    Re: Advanced Call Manager E52 license

    To get the license key for any of the application which you install on your phone you need to purchase the application to have all the features of a particular application. So as you have said that you have lost the previous application from your phone and then you have downloaded it back from the website, so i think you need to check for the kye on the same site from were you have got it.

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    Re: Advanced Call Manager E52 license

    TO get the liscence key of a particular software or application you need to go on the official website of the product and also you can contact the developer of the application to have it without any of the restrictions of providing the license key. I guess to have the key you can also go on the application and in that you will get the link to buy or it will redirect you to the website from where you can get it.

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    Re: Advanced Call Manager E52 license

    This problem is faced by most of the people and if you want then you can go on the official website of Nokia and from there you can check out for the application. Also can go on the OviStore and from there you can get this application for free where you don't have to give the license key for a particular product. It is important to do backup of you phone whenever you do a hard reset. Hope you understand.

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