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Thread: Accessing files on C905 over wifi

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    Accessing files on C905 over wifi

    Hi all,

    My family has wireless routing books and desktop are using wifi access to the Internet after the last reinstall the system can not see in Network Neighborhood on the c905 can be seen before and can directly access the memory card c905 file transfer. But now, after reinstalling the system, there is no wifi access and no accessing file to each other. Seek expert can teach how to set up another in My Network Places c905 ? Please suggest. Thanks in advance.

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    Accessing files on C905 over wifi

    Very simple necessary condition for a wireless router + cable with this computer. Step one: open wifi, connected to the network.Step two: in the computer, click on "My Network Places." Then "View workgroup computers." Then the latter point, there will be a folder named C905, it is your cell phone, point into, which is inside your files mobile, what you want to copy to the inside, then disconnect the wifi, OK, buttoned, and then look at your cell phone, which will have the file you just put in it! Check and reply.

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    Re: Accessing files on C905 over wifi

    You can also set the book wireless card. First set up the wireless network card, network card properties in the wireless page simply add a wireless network properties, write the network name SSID, such as: X40. If necessary, set a password to automatically provide the password to remove the hook, enter the password, such as: 54321. The most important need to check the following "This is a computer-to-computer network ...". All the best.

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    Accessing files on C905 over wifi

    To set the book card to share the network connection, select your internal network card if wireless card or provide the network to another physical / virtual NIC, which in the advanced properties select Internet Sharing, which set up a shared column Your wireless network card name, click to confirm. If your wireless card has been set up IP addresses, the system will be prompted to set its IP address, to determine the percent. Upon completion of your wireless network card IP to, already have shared, of course, you can change this IP. Check and reply.

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    Accessing files on C905 over wifi

    You can also manually create a connection, default in the menu Tools -> Settings -> Connection Settings -> access point (unless you adjust the location). In the access point in the new access point -> use default settings
    Any connection name, such as: book
    Data bearer choose "Wireless LAN"
    WLAN network name is set to book your wireless network name SSID, such as the above set of "X40"
    Network Status choose "open"
    WLAN network mode selected "special" (this important)
    WLAN security mode, if the book set the WEP password, there is also set to WEP, such as the book did not set up to select "Open Network"
    WLAN security settings, if the book set a password, set up here
    Use the WEP key, the default of "# 1"
    Identification of the type set to "open"
    WEP key settings, set your network password book,
    WEP encryption select "64"
    WEP key format, select "ASCII"
    WEP key for the book's wireless key, such as: 54321
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    Then enter the Advanced Settings
    IPv4 settings
    Phone IP address is set to share the book with your wireless card a segment of the address, such as:
    Subnet Mask:
    Default Gateway: (the book shared wireless network card IP)
    DNS address: (the book share the wireless card's IP)
    IPv6 settings
    Not set
    Special Channel: Automatic
    Proxy server address: on-demand
    Proxy port number: on-demand.

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