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Thread: Marvell's Tablet : Moby

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    Marvell's Tablet : Moby

    Hi, I have heard that Marvell have introduced its tablet pc called as Moby. I am very much interested in buying this tablet pc so can you guys help me know about this tablet as much as possible like how it performs what is the screen size and its dimensions etc..

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    Marvell's Moby

    Yeah even i have heard about Moby that it is going be selling just for $100. I have searched that this tablet pc is going to be the first tablet costing around $100. Still it has not been launched so i do not think it can be true but still if Marvell has announced Moby for $100 then it must be having some less features then other tablet PCs.
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    Re: Marvell's Tablet : Moby

    Marvell has introduced its new low range tablet in CES - Las Vegas - Mar 23, 2010 named as Moby. Marvell says that this tablet is not going to compromise about the features as only price has been reduced not feature for this tablet. And it is just a $100 Moby Tablet aimed at driving a bold new education initiative and changing the way students learn.

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    Moby Tablet

    New tablet pc introduced in the CES 2010 Las Vegas by the Marvell which is a world leading manufacturer in an integrated silicon solutions. Marvell have given its name as Moby and it going to be having the features like 080p full-HD capability, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS connectivity and FM radio etc. And most shocking thing about this tablet pc is that it is just for $100.

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    Moby Features

    Features provided in the Marvell's new tablet are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS connectivity, FM radio with the display screen of 1080 pixels and full-HD capability. This tablet pc has been made to target the student as it provides feature which you can use as books, online sources, text, video, news, music, data expression or any medium. Main attracting thing about this tablet is that it much lighter in weight as well as price.

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