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Thread: Guide me about Samsung Galaxy i5700 Spica with Android 2.1

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    Guide me about Samsung Galaxy i5700 Spica with Android 2.1

    hi friend
    i want to purchased new mobile phone which is connected to the Google service as well as i want to some particular type of cell phone which also have bug fixes so i have choose latest smart phone which is Sam sung Galaxy i5700 Spica with Android 2.1 but i don't have much detail about that smart phone so please any one tell me that what is the basic functions of the Samsung Galaxy i5700 Spica with Android 2.1?

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    Re: Guide me about Samsung Galaxy i5700 Spica with Android 2.1

    Samsung Galaxy i5700 Spica ran with the android 1.5 processor in system after that few month back it also received the update to the android 1.6. but in today's market it has upgraded the spica with to Android 2.1. Basically Android 2.1 has came from android powered headset. There are some updation which was not in previous version like it has now include the new API change as well as bug fixes in the system. The i5700 is the first android supported smart phone available in market. It is supported the DivX video codec as well as it has speed with 800MHz CPU. There are some more features like it has the 13.2mm thick handset features a 3.5mm headphone jack. The battery of that type phone is 1500mAh as well as the full suite of Google services. The Galaxy Spica i5700 has pretty similar overall dimensions like the Galaxy.
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    Re: Guide me about Samsung Galaxy i5700 Spica with Android 2.1

    Basically Samsung Galaxy i5700 Spica with Android 2.1 is available in some selected countries like Europe and the CIS. There are so many features available in that smart phone ,it use quad-band GSM/EDGE, 900/2100MHz UMTS/HSDPA 3.6Mbps. When it was launched that time it was used 1.5 android but parallel process has change and now it also supported to the android 2.1 too. The camera size and picture quality is around 3.2-inch HVGA (320 x 480 pixel) TFT display. It uses 3 megapixel camera in the system. There are also some communication device available like bluetooth,WiFi,USB 2.0 as well as micro-USB. In that system used 180MB internal memory and microSDHC card slot. The Spica will get a major boost from Android 1.5 to 2.1.
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    Re: Guide me about Samsung Galaxy i5700 Spica with Android 2.1

    The I5700 is a "Google experience" phone, so it's connected to Google's services. Samsung Galaxy i5700 Spica features are very closed to Galaxy i5700 smartphone but there are some different like internal memory and camera. Samsung Galaxy i5700 Spica has 3. 2 MP camera as well as it support to the microSD cards up to 32GB instead. It support to the native resolution of 320x480 pixels and supports 16mln colors. In the basically Samsung Galaxy i5700 Spica smart phon ,we used AMOLED technology which is support to the image and give the great quality as well as saturated and beautiful colors.the android 2.1 is the updated version which can support to s office application too.

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    Re: Guide me about Samsung Galaxy i5700 Spica with Android 2.1

    New i5700 Galaxy Spica,the company has just latest Android powered smartphone is available now. The latest smartphone available with android 2.1. The Android 2.1 platform is available as a down loadable component for the Android SDK. There has a journey and moving from 1.5 version to 2.1 adroid. There are some components like android library ,the system image emulator skin as well as some application has included i the downloaded platform. Make sure that the platform of the down loadable include not any type of external libraries.The phone has a D-Pad as its predecessor and the button in the center features nice red framing that complements the overall appearance. Then new key of the spica phone shows the contacts, calendar, messaging, Google that system also used 3.2-megapixel camera without flash system
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