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Thread: Can't access files stored in Motorola phone memory

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    Can't access files stored in Motorola phone memory

    Hello sir,
    I have a mobile phone (Motorola) and getting some difficulties to transport the data from the device to computer system.When I get ready to connect with computer and look for the device in the window then it doesn't appears in the window. My computer doesn't recognize the SD memory card,please help me to find the solution of this very problem.


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    Can't access files stored in Motorola phone memory

    There are so many cases when people can't access the memory of the SD memory card.When you get connect with your system then it may need the driver to recognize the connected device.

    The mobile phone comes with a driver or suit any thing which is associated with the mobile phone during purchase.You can install the driver and easily get access to your mobile phone and card memory both.

    Some of the mobile phones are not being detected without the proper driver of the softeware so you can search for the driver and download it and install into your system and connect the mobile phone.
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    Files are not accessible stored in Motorola

    Files are not accessible stored in Motorola

    You can access the memory of your card using the provided cable which can solve the problem.Just plug the cable into your phone and another end should be plugged with computer.

    Now,the device would be appeared with its name in the window of my computer.
    Wait for a while if it is not coming quick as you want.If the device is not being detected the you can use the device manager utility of the windows system.
    Move to the My computer icon >Properties >Hardware tab> Device manager> .

    Check your connected device in the list of Universal Bus Controller and if not find then move to the Control panel and use the Add new hardware wizard.
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    Use of Card reader to access the files stored in Motorola phone memory

    Using Card Reader to access the files:

    The memory can be accessed with one of the different methods but for this procedure you need to have another device called Card reader which is associated with a cable.

    The memory can be accessed with this procedure :
    1- Pull out the SD memory from mobile phone.
    2- Use the card reader,insert the SD memory and plug this cable to computer.
    3- Try to look, if the device is showing in the windows then it alright and your mobile phone has some disturbance regarding detection.
    4- Just make the desired operation and if that is not being performed then you have to format the driver,I don't think any options is rest to try.

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    Access files from Motorola phone memory through bluetooth

    The use of bluetooth:

    You can use the bluetooth facility if your system has provided to you and mobile phone have to configure the activation from both side and try to access but the speed of data retrieval would be much slow.

    You need to do it from the mobile first but its not necessary to start from only mobile phone.Just go the bluetooth control and switch on the bluetooth control of your mobile phone and now come on the computer system and activate the bluetooth from your system make an easy connection between both devices.

    Enter the codes which would provided to you after activation and made operation.

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