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Thread: Battery percentage fails in Iphone

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    Battery percentage fails in Iphone

    Hi everyone,
    I use Apple Iphone 3GS and recently updated the OS 3.1.2 to 3.1.3. I am facing some bug problem with this latest update of OS. Before when i power up my iPhone and when i start it the battery percentage shows me that 67 percentage of battery left. But after few seconds the battery percentage changes to 78 percent. This problem never occurred before but after the update of the OS. I am very happy with my iPhone 3GS and I feel pretty disapointed with this update. Also if i try to restore my iPhone 3GS, will it delete all the apps and the data's from the phone.

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    Re: Battery percentage fails in Iphone

    I think the problem is not so serious the thing what you need to do is that you should do the recalibration of the battery gauge which can be done easily in the iphone by running the battery all the way down to the zero percentage untill the your phone shuts off, after doing this you need to do one thing, you have to charg your phone until the battery gets full whichtakes more over four hours to completely charege the phone. By this method you can resolve your problem.

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    Re: Battery percentage fails in Iphone

    I think it might be the problem causing by the corrupted metadata which can be saved in your phone through your emails. You can try the following mthod in sequence to solve your problem. You need to reboot the phone to do this hold the Home and Sleep button until the Apple logo appears for about 10 seconds.You have to delete all the email accounts. You also reset your Network Settings in the Settings app and reboot. This can help you with your problem.

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    Re: Battery percentage fails in Iphone

    The problem of your battery percentage which fails after some time even if you have charged it up. I think you need to restore your phonein itunes which willnot delete all your data as it will be stores in your itunes application which would be in the computer. After restoreing and backing up all the files and datas then reset your phone which will set all the setting which have been changed. It wiil set up your phone as a new phone and i think your battery problem will be solved.

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    Re: Battery percentage fails in Iphone

    The only thing which is left to do with the iphone battery is to replace it if it is in the warranty period. It is a great idea if you have any kind of hardware problem it is better to go to the iphone people to replace the current problematic harware to the newest one. If i face any kind of problem then i always go to the manufecturers place and ask them to repair it . It will take time to repair it but you will never face any kind of problem.

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