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Thread: iMac or Mac mini?

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    iMac or Mac mini?

    Hello everyone!

    I post because this thread I made plans to purchase a Mac but not much budget to hesitate between an iMac 21.5 " or a Mac mini , imac is more costly than mac mini with the magic mouse and the bluetooth keyboard with a screen larger or equal to that of the iMac.

    The Mac mini with would be between 1,090 $ and 1100$, and for the iMac it is $ 1,502 . So I'd like to know whether to spend 400 more for the iMac or is that the Mac mini would enough?

    I hope I was clear enough.

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    Re: iMac or Mac mini?

    It depends on the use you want to do, but I had the same issue and for me the choice of the mac mini does have the advantage that you can plug it into LCD 1080p . finally I give for not cluttering the TV and be on the computer as the final choice then but were a Imac in 27 '

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    Re: iMac or Mac mini?

    My use would be Internet, CSS occasional multimedia. My main problem is money.

    It does not piss me off to pay 400$ more but if it's for something useful this would be a shame.

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    Re: iMac or Mac mini?

    I do not know if it counts for you, but I add some bulk "stuff" has the iMac and more Mac mini:

    • ISight (webcam) and microphone
    • Integrated stereo speakers, better than the single speaker of the Mac mini
    • 4 slots of RAM accessible to unscrew a screw (2 slots of RAM in the Mac mini, and it takes guts to put the air to access, potentially losing the collateral in case of breakage during disassembly / reassembly )
    • An internal hard drive 3.5 "(2.5" in the Mac mini), so more capacity built into the iMac
    • An SD card reader
    • A (good) built-in screen

    The Mac mini has the advantage on the iMac to have:
    • Two video outputs, so you can choose the monitor that you plug in, the iMac has a video output (in addition to the screen)
    • 5 USB 2 ports (4 ports on the iMac)

    Well, I may have forgotten the difference, but I think I have pointed to the essential. In general, to simplify the equation we rather recommend a Mac mini to people who already have a proper screen, keyboard, mouse. Unless you do not want a built-in screen, I found the iMac much more interesting than the Mac mini (when it has no screen).

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    Re: iMac or Mac mini?

    I tend to be rather a fan of the iMac from the Mac mini, but I think it's a choice that neglects too general, especially since the latest version of the Mini is still much less trolling . In your use when you talk about multimedia, what you mean by that? Another thing is that a Mac, it can be kept very long (over 5 years without problem) and investing a little more initially, it also helps keep potentially longer.

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