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Thread: Applications for the Apple iPad

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    Applications for the Apple iPad


    I'm thinking to buy the new iPad from apple, does anyone of you have purchased? i would like to know which special applications it supports? what its future in terms applications for it? Which ipad applications you are using?

    Thanks for sharing your time here.

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    Apple iPad various applications supports

    Apple iPad supports various application and has various market applications and apple also provides you Apple store for iPad, where you can online buy highly competitive applications and even it provides you various free applications, Adobe and more than 50 of our partners in the Open Screen Project are working to enable developers and content publishers to deliver to any device including the ipad.

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    Apple iBooks store and iPad application

    Apple opened iBooks store , But to complete the iPad. Took advantage of its database of over 140,000 Applications Pay and free, and caused a system fully compatible with all of them. The Applications can be seen at actual size (which makes them look small in the center, given the resolution of iPad of 1024 x 768) or drawn on the screen.

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    Re: Applications for the Apple iPad

    For those with a iPhone or iPod touch synchronized with all the applications in iTunes, simply connect the new iPad the PC, synchronize and have application all acquired in the new device.

    Anyway, Apple and other independent developers are already working to create special applications for the iPad.

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    Re: Applications for the Apple iPad

    From the icon App Store Is accessible to conventional applications, or navigate a specific menu for some specific applications of iPad. iPhone applications will run on an iPad with no modification. You can run them in the center of the screen (iPhone-sized) with a black border around the edges, or you can activate a mode that doubles the pixels.

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    Re: Applications for the Apple iPad

    The new iPad flavor of iPhone OS can run most of your Apple applications in their original resolution or expanded to view them fullscreen if their developers have not bothered to spend a little time to change so they can enjoy the benefits of the new screen resolution. Basic applications that comes pre-installed are:

    • Mail and Notes
    • Safari
    • iCal and Address Book
    • Maps
    • App Store and iTunes
    • iPhoto
    • iBooks
    • Apple's new store, the iBookstore
    • games : Nova Gameloft, Need for Speed Shift ,
    • Brushes
    • New York Times
    • iWork
    • Pages, Keynote and Numbers.

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    Re: Applications for the Apple iPad

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