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Thread: Unable to see uploded video in you tube

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    Unable to see uploded video in you tube

    I have just purchased Sony Handy cam HDR-CX500V CAMCORDER .It's clarity is fabulous.But recently i got a problem from it because when i captured something & then would like to upload it to you tube to share with my family that time i faced problem.unfortunately you tube said that file can't not open.I unable to see uploaded video in you tube. so what should i do exactly , any one tell me?

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    Re: Unable to see uploded video in you tube

    There are some steps,when you up lode video to you tube.You have HD video camera & upload HD video.This is your initial requirement. But you never upload raw footage which is AVCHD format.I think you tube has not support it. The best way to convert your AVCHD files into any other format like DVD,MPEG2..If you follow that instruction then may be your problem will be gone.The video format of that handy cam which is HD: MPEG4 AVC/H.264;SD: MPEG2. It has 32 GB embedded memory.
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    Re: Unable to see uploded video in you tube

    You can share video or photos which you have captured ,with family & friends on your compatible HDTV.the video captured use picture motion browser software for pc.In Sony Handy cam HDR-CX500V camcorder,there is 1920 x 1080 HD recording system,it has also12.0 MP still image capture.In an acceptable format: FLV, WMV, MPEG4, MOV, AVI and MPEG use in system,the Video length is also shorter 10 minutes,then may your problem will solve.
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    Re: Unable to see uploded video in you tube

    If you want upload the video,then firstly finished editing video , it want smaller than 2 GB & it is in acceptable format.Firstly click the button in of upper side of any you tube,after that click browser button & select the file. Click the upload video button immediate start the uploading process.
    You can also edit some relevant field video,then click save change.It also important that what file format accepted by you tube like WMV,MPG file formats

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    Re: Unable to see uploded video in you tube

    Why dont you try the sony india site for help.. Or maybe their facebook fanpage.. Lots of fast expert advice there..


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